Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: T7|03: Favorite Strains – 05.23.2020

This is a question I seem to be getting more often as time goes on. I’ll be writing a review and mention that the strain is “one of my favorite indicas/sativas” (or something similar), and then some of you will be curious as to what other strains are on that list.

The “list” is ever-changing and has never been manifested in any “physical” form until now. I have tried enough strains that I think it’s time for me to share some of my favorites, with a quick blurb on why I enjoy that strain so much.

Since this is the third installment of the T7 series, I’ll list my Top 3 favorite flower strains in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica categories. I’ll revisit this list once it’s been significantly changed, which I’m sure will happen as Florida’s medical cannabis industry continues to grow.


Cannabis Product & Strain: Fluent “Aria” (AK-47) Flower and MUV Guru Flower

Note: I haven’t yet been able to try any products from the following MMTCs: RiSE, One Plant, Harvest, Colombia Care, and The Botanist.

Top 3 Sativa Strains

(In no particular order)

1.) VidaCann & Tikun Olam: Alaska

I have always enjoyed the Alaska vape cart, and was even more impressed with it in flower form.

Tikun Olam is an Israeli company with multiple decades of experience and research into their genetics and how they interact with various medical conditions.

Alaska is hands down the best strain I have found for treating my depression. Its ability to shift mindset (without inducing paranoia or anxiety) is extremely useful in snapping out of the negative thought patterns that depression and other similar conditions can cause.

Beyond that, the smell and taste of the flower exceeded my expectations – skunky and citrusy, with pine and other terpenes as well. Very well-rounded sativa, and VidaCann grew it well, allowing it to fully mature and cure with patience. This made all the difference in the quality of the effects, and should be the industry standard.

2.) GrowHealthy: Jilly Bean

This strain took me by surprise, and I actually passed over it for a few weeks before finally settling on an eighth of it. I was taken aback by the strong candy citrus smell that seemed to be heavy in terpinolene, but what really made me a huge fan of this strain was its effects. This is one of the “happiest”, most peaceful sativa strains I’ve found.

GrowHealthy also grew it to perfection, as you can see in the image above.

3.) Fluent: “Subra” (Sour Diesel)

I’m a huge Sour Diesel fan: it’s like the espresso of sativa strains, and I love it for the energy and motivation it gives me. Fluent seems to have a really good cut of this strain, and when I got it, it smelt exactly like gasoline when it was ground up. The only issue was that it wasn’t very strong-smelling out of the jar, and I feel that Sour Diesel should be.

If Fluent can consistently maximize the genetics they have, I think they have one of the best cuts of Sour Diesel in Florida.

Top 3 Hybrid Strains

1.) Trulieve: Paradise Waits

When Trulieve first released this strain’s flower form in early fall 2019, it was the best flower I’d tried up to that point. At a high 27.8% THC coupled with over 3% terpenes, the effects were potent.

I found Paradise Waits to be one of the most powerful, but still relaxing hybrids that I’ve tried. It had a really invigorating cerebral quality to it, but enough warm-body relaxation that anxiety didn’t seem to be an issue.

The smell was really nice and unique as well. I remember there being strong citrus, pine, and an almost creamy hash smell as well. Great strain.

2.) VidaCann: I95 x Lemon G13

This was another strain that really impressed me after initially trying it on a whim. If you buy it, prepare for strong Lemon Diesel and funky smells, with excellent balanced hybrid effects that seem to slightly lean toward the sativa end of the spectrum.

I campaigned for this strain to be renamed “Lemon I95”, but… we’ll say I’m still waiting to hear back on that one.

In all seriousness, this is one of VidaCann’s best balanced hybrid strains, in my opinion, though it seems to be a more “rare” strain of theirs – at least in flower form. If you like Lemon and/or Gas strains, grab this one if you see it.

3.) MUV: Strawberry Cough

This is one of my favorite Strawberry strains in Florida. It smells just like a Strawberry Creme Saver candy to me, and the effects are mellow – great for relaxing and watching TV or playing video games, etc.

The genetics make for a really pretty flower, too. It’s like a more toned-down version of their Guru strain.

Top 3 Indica Strains

1.) GrowHealthy: Wookie Girl

This strain is about as close to perfection as I have found in Florida. The smell, the taste, the effects, the way which GrowHealthy grows it – everything is maxed out on this one. This is a very relaxing indica that isn’t too sedating. What keeps me coming back to it is the amazing taste – there’s nothing like it that I’ve found in Florida – yet.

It’s currently my #1 overall strain, a “desert island” type strain that I would be happy with if it were all I could smoke.

Based on what I’m seeing across social media, many other Floridians agree.

2.) MUV: Guru (Full Review Coming Soon!)

This is another popular indica for many people, though I do see a lot more divide in the like/dislike for this strain.

With a pungent and bitter skunky grapefruit citrus aroma, Guru seems to draw the most “controversy” in its smell and taste. I personally love it; it reminds me a lot of Vidacann’s I95 x Lemon G13 from earlier in this list – but with grapefruit instead of lemon.

The effects remind me a lot of Wookie Girl, sealing Guru’s position on this list. I do find Guru to be more sedating than Wookie Girl, and tend to end up falling asleep if I smoke too much of it.

3.) MUV: Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is a classic Florida strain, and I really enjoyed MUV’s version of it. This was one of my favorite Skunk-type strains, with a taste and aroma that kept me coming back for more.

I seem to prefer the “relaxing but not too sedating” indicas the best – in part because if I smoke enough of almost any “indica” strain, I will feel sleepy. I enjoy having something I can relax with, but still remain functional. Triangle Kush is a perfect example of one of those strains.

It looks like some other brands are coming out with their versions of Triangle Kush, so I’ll definitely be trying those when they become available in my area. We’ll see if they’re able to replace this version on the next list – or maybe an entirely different strain will.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve tried a lot of strains in my almost 2 years as a medical cannabis patient in Florida. A lot of them are noteworthy, and could easily have been on this list as well if I had chosen to make it longer – it was tough narrowing it down too these 9 strains.

As I try more MMTCs, products, and strains, I expect this list to change every few months. I’ll be sure to create future installments of it, so be sure to subscribe to this website’s email list to stay tuned to the latest updates coming from the Collective.

I hope this answers some of your questions about my favorite strains, and hope it made for an interesting read.

What are some of your favorite strains in Florida? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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2 thoughts on “Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: T7|03: Favorite Strains – 05.23.2020

  1. Vida cann in my opinion has the worst flower of anyplace I tried not to mention expensive at 50 per 8th. MUV and Fluent I think are the best. GROW HEALTHY was good as well. MUV strawberry caugh, Modified Grapes and Sour Jack my favorites. Fluent T5 Orda and Polaris if you can get it very good as is the high level Beldor (blue dream). Grow healthy had Rain maker was very good. Curealeaf has good oil and always out of flower. Harvest one night stand is good and other strains had seeds not impressed. LHS AND TRULIEVE SUTERRA high end not bad but cheaper stuff garbage. Most Florida flower seems dried out to me for some reason.


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