Trulieve/Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower Review: Myrcene Queen (Indica)

Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis have been partnered for quite some time now. You may have tried one of their TruPod distillate vape cart strains, which include custom strains like Sunshine Kush and Afghan Moon, to name a couple.

I was highly impressed with all 3 strains I got from this new lineup. Crown Chakra (review here) ended up being one of the most beautiful strains I’ve ever seen, with a fiery purple color unlike any other color of all the strains I’ve tried.

Myrcene Queen doesn’t have a lot of information about it available online – like most Sunshine Cannabis strains. However, their website does offer a good description of all their strains, including this one. My hope is for this review to expand upon that information and give you a perspective straight from a Florida medical cannabis patient – as I have done in all my other reviews.

Quick Facts:

Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis’ websites each offer this description of Myrcene Queen:

Carefully selected heavy Indica by Sunshine Cannabis from a large population of test plants and chosen for it’s Myrcene dominant terpene profile of up to 70% Myrcene of the total terpenes present. A cross of Triangle Kush x Landrace Afghani with excellent pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects and body relaxing properties for Indica lovers. Myrcene Queen is a high potency strain with an earthy, sweetly pungent & musky aroma and oldschool Indica taste with heavy euphoria. The powerful euphoric experience settles into a body numbing effect with a notable reduction of anxiety or tension for a classic “couch-lock” Indica high. Very resinous dense buds rich in beneficial medicinal Cannabinoids perfect for high tolerance Medical Marijuana patients looking for the added benefits of high Myrcene in a pure 100% Indica. A close genetic relative to our award winning Afghan Moon Indica vaporizer line.

Sunshine Cannabis website; Strains Page

Myrcene Queen (Indica)

Price at time of review: $48/eighth 

Lineage: Proprietary; cross of Triangle Kush x Afghani

Batch/Harvest Number: DUFL-BLD-I-59-PK-1


THC: 20.3%

CBD: 0.0%

THCV: 0.2%

CBG: 0.8%

Total Cannabinoids: 21.3%


“*” denotes the two dominant terpenes in this strain

*Beta-Myrcene: 1.201% – Myrcene makes up 71.7% of the total terpene profile in these results, which verifies the claim in the strain description above.

Trans-Carophyllene: 0.143%

*R-Limonene: 0.212%

Linalool: 0.117%

(Note that the terpenes included in 3rd party lab reports are not necesarilly exhaustive, as these reports tend to focus more on cannabinoids and potential contaminants/toxins.)

Total Terpenes: 1.673%


The Eye of the Queen is watching you.

This batch of Myrcene Queen is another example of a superior grow and cure from Trulieve and SunShine Cannabis, and it is again some of the stickiest legal Florida bud I’ve ever had. You can really tell that great care and attention were given to these strains, and they represent a level of quality above what I’ve gotten from Trulieve in the past.

Myrcene Queen has beautiful, classic green flowers that are covered in a thick blanket of sparkling crystal trichomes and vivid burnt orange pistils. The trichomes are easily visible to the naked eye, giving the flower an appearance as if it had been dipped in sugar.

My eighth contained a few large buds, the heaviest of which was 1.8g on its own (the bud with the “eye” in the photo above.) The trim is excellent, and the cure and moisture are absolutely on point. I found this strain to be extremely sticky and hard to break apart; it’s one of those types of flower that can give the grinder a bit of trouble. I think that if this flower had been dried ever so slightly longer, it would be 100% perfect. It’s probably around 93-95% right now, and to be fair, this is a totally subjective preference. Some people like dry bud, some people like it sticky, and some people like it in between.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 7.30/10.00


Myrcene Queen obviously has a lot of myrcene in it, so what exactly is myrcene supposed to smell like?

Beyond cannabis, myrcene is found in hops and is responsible for the peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance in beer. It’s also expressed in lemongrass, which has been used in traditional folk medicine for centuries.


Myrcene Queen smells both very musky and very “sharp”, if this descriptor makes sense. This is one of those strains that has a bit of a “bite” when you open up the jar. The spectrum of smells I pick up include skunky, earthy, diesel, and an ammonia-like chemical smell that I’ve found in a few other medicinal cannabis strains.

I knew this strain reminded me somewhat of at least one strain I’d had before, but I couldn’t place it at first. However, after I saw the myrcene content in the lab report, I remembered another strain that had exceeded 1% myrcene; that’s when it hit me which strain this smell reminded me of: Northern Hash Plant. The smell is not totally similar, but patients who have had both strains should be able to pick up what I’m talking about here. It’s the way all the different skunky, spicy, earthy, and musky terpenes come together to make the overall smell of the flower. Northern Hash Plant has a somewhat similar terpene profile to Myrcene Queen, so this makes sense.

The taste is similar to the smell, but much more herbal in my experience. Myrcene Queen has a nice taste and smell overall.

Smell/Taste Rating: 6.70/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Many patients (myself formerly included) assume that if a strain contains an abundance of myrcene, it will be more sedating or more likely to have “indica” effects. This may be true some of the time, but it is not an absolute. I recommend reading this article on Leafly that describes myrcene in depth; it’s an excellent read in general and it helped me to understand this terpene even more.

Myrcene Queen turns out to be a heavily relaxing indica, but not heavily sedating. I can smoke this strain during the day and still remain functional and motivated. As I write this review, about 20 minutes after smoking a bowl, I notice increased “warm body” sensations with an equal amount of cerebral effects at this moment. I would say this is a pretty well-balanced indica that seems like its best use would be for chronic pain. Though it was not able to effectively relieve a sinus/allergy headache I’ve had the past few days, it did relieve some other muscle soreness I’d been experiencing. Typically strains that make my body feel warm and relaxed are at least partially effective for pain relief.

I’d recommend Myrcene Queen for use at almost any time of the day. It’s not going to be a great motivating strain early in the morning, but it didn’t make me lazy or sleepy, either.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Anxiety 
  • Moderate aches and pains
  • Moderate nausea/gastrointestinal issues
  • General (Heavy) Relaxation 
  • Other similar ailments that heavy/relaxing indicas may relieve

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Everybody is different, and every body reacts differently to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 6.10/10.00

Overall Rating: 6.70/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Myrcene Queen as a “good” indica strain from Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis.

For Trulieve, this combination of favorable genetics and next-level quality execution of the grow really changes the game. If they can turn out all their strains like this, and continue to deliver more batches of the Sunshine Cannabis strains, they could be a true contender for having some of the best medical flower in the state.

I think this release is really a huge move for Sunshine Cannabis as well. A lot more people are going to be talking about them now. I’ll definitely be back to try the other 8 flower strains they offer in the future. If they’re all like this and their Crown Chakra, I absolutely want to try more strains.

Many more reviews are coming soon – especially as I find myself at home nearly 24/7 during this COVID-19 pandemic – so stay tuned!

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1 thought on “Trulieve/Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower Review: Myrcene Queen (Indica)

  1. I loved the myrcene queen and the afghan triangle flower from sunshine and just finished mine from the 4/20 drop, I seriously can’t wait for more, this time I know to buy extra haha I think the myrcene queen was some of the best tasting medical marijuana so far I have gotten from the dispensaries I’ve tried. I have alot of pain and need a good indica with high thc and so far this one checked all the boxes for me, the triangle kush was excellent also from them. Nice review btw, love the site! 🙂

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