ALD Amaze VFire Vaporizer & VFire Pods Review

The ALD Amaze VFire vaporizer and its VFire pods have been our chosen method of vaping distillates since joining the program last year. The ALD Amaze VFire is basically the exact same vaporizer/battery as both the Cora and TruStik batteries. We prefer the VFire because the pods are a little bit more efficient with distillates than the Cora pods – the Cora pods tend to leave a little bit more left over that has to either be extracted from the pod (syringe?) or left unclaimed and pretty much wasted.


The ALD Amaze VFire battery is extremely easy to use. The pods are locked in with magnetic force; in nearly a year of using this battery and pod, I have never have an issue with the pods falling out in my pocket (this was one of my initial concerns when I learned of the magnetic system). 5 successive clicks of the power/vape button will turn the battery on and another 5 successive clicks after that will turn it off when you’re ready. To vape your oil of choice, you simply hold down the power button and draw from the mouthpiece. The VFire pods consistently have pretty good airflow and only tend to clog after the second fill. Most reddit users we’ve polled agree that 2 fills is the reasonable maximum for the VFire pods.

Loading the empty pods with your oil of choice is very simple and can be done in just a few minutes; we detail the exact steps to this process in an earlier article you can find here. The pods create clouds as big as you choose them to be – you can take up to a 10-second pull before the auto-shutoff feature will temporarily shut off the battery. This can be overridden by tapping the button, as with most batteries that functions this way, but we are not fans of doing this.

Overall, both the battery and pods function just as intended and even a little better than that. Very efficient and easy to use.

Functionality/Efficiency Rating: 4.00/5.00

Battery Life

We are quite simply extremely impressed with how long this battery lasts. I can go for at least four or five days without having to charge the VFire; this is with moderate use of up to four or five sessions per day, as flower is my preferred form of medication.

For heavy users, we would guess this battery lasts for at least a couple of days before having to be charged again. After having this thing for nearly a year, it’s still incredibly reliable.

Battery Life Rating: 4.30/5.00


For a vaporizer that costs less than $25, this thing is more than worth what you pay for it. That being said, it is not the most durable piece of equipment. The metal seems to be of a lower quality, and particularly around the edges where the pods are loaded/clipped in, I could see the metal bending if exposed to force like being stepped on. With a little care, however, the VFire battery holds up very well. The pods are fairly good quality as well; they seem to be some sort of plastic/synthetic material that does not very easily break if dropped. You get what you pay for and a little bit extra with this product – $25 is a steal for a system that will get you started with vaping oils and distillates very quickly and easily. Our vendor of choice (LighterUSA) ships this for free and has a very quick turnaround. Not a bad investment for a product that we can all but guarantee you will be satisfied with. 

Durability Rating: 3.50/5.00

Overall Rating: 3.93/5.00

The ALD Amaze VFire Battery and Vfire Pods are very good products. If they could be made with a slightly more durable metal (with a very small increase in cost, maybe to $25?), they would be a great product. We highly recommend the VFire battery and pods for vaping your oils/distillates of choice; we’ve been more than satisfied with this product and its performance over the last year.

Best place to Buy?

The VFire battery and pods have been hard for me to find in my local vape shops, so I use LighterUSA. They have several coupons and discounts for repeat customers, and offer free shipping on most products; the shipping is really quick too – I received my products within two days.

VFire Starter KitThis used to include one free VFire pod, but the model of the vaporizer was recently changed to include a more efficient and universal micro-usb charger, so the pods have to be bought separately now. The vaporizer is still $23, which we think is a steal. You can buy the starter kit here.

VFire Replacement PodsThese are the pods you will need to actually vape your oil of choice. LighterUSA discounts bulk purchases of these pods, as indicated on the product page you can find here.

As always, we hope this is helpful to at least one patient. Let us know if you have any questions about this topic or any other Florida Cannabis topics by reaching out to us on Twitter or Email; you can find those links on our Contact page.

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1 thought on “ALD Amaze VFire Vaporizer & VFire Pods Review

  1. Cora pro pods is way to go…easy to use, no metal no silicone cap..fill and twist use 3 times with no issue and yes it burns all the oil no waste like first pod


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