Trulieve Truclear Distillate Review: Clementine (Sativa)

Trulieve’s Truclear line is what forged my path during the early days of having my medical cannabis card. Though I have come to prefer using flower for my main line of medication, I still use distillates and vape cartridges for when I need to have medication on the go; I never take my flower out of my home once I’ve made the initial run from the dispensary. I’d like to go ahead and point out, as many of you know, that Trulieve’s vape cart and distillate products are not made from the strain they are advertised as. This batch of Clementine was extracted from Jack Herer according to its lab report. For those of you who don’t know, you can see the third-party lab report of any Trulieve product by inputting the batch number on your product into the database/search engine found here.

With all that being said, I really enjoy the Clementine Truclear. Its effects are almost, if not entirely the classic sativa mental effects. I use cannabis to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and this product is so far the most consistent at relieving all those symptoms while simultaneously allowing me to perform at my best.

Quick Facts:

Clementine Distillate (Sativa) – (extracted from Jack Herer (Sativa))

THC: 80.0%

CBD: 0.7%

THCV: 0.4%

CBN: 0.7%

CBG: 4.2%

Total Cannabinoids: 86.0%

Batch Number: FFOBBUL1EV000011

Other Ingredients: Terpenes

As with my other reviews, I rate this product on three main criteria. Those three scores will be averaged for a final “overall score” and basic description of the product quality.


I’d like to precede this section by letting readers know that my main (almost exclusive) route of administration is inhalation, so this is mainly written from that perspective. However, I have used the product orally as well, and know enough about it to shed some light on it. The taste of Clementine is just about exactly what one would expect from the name of the strain; there is a sweet citrus taste with a hint of orange upon exhale. I use VFire pods with a Trustik to vaporize my distillates, and the vapor it produces has a very mild and subtle taste. This product does induce a cough that I presume to be attributed to the high levels of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes in the distillate. Unfortunately, the terpenes are not cannabis-derived, but are “food grade”, meaning that they are most likely artificially flavored. However, I have found that the 9lb Hammer Truclear comes remarkably close to the actual taste of 9lb Hammer flower, so this does not necessarily mean that a cannabis-esque taste cannot be acquired from food-grade terpenes. However, cannabis-derived terpenes would produce a better spectrum of medicinal benefits and effects in our opinion.

Eating Clementine Truclear yields almost the same taste as vaporizing it, with one notable difference: bitterness. It must be in the nature of extracting this product, but almost all Truclear products I’ve taken orally have had this bitter taste. However, Clementine is one of the more balanced strains when consumed orally, as the sweetness helps mask the bitterness.

Taste Rating: 3.80/5.00

Vapor Quality

Clementine distillate produces a smooth vapor when used with VFire pods and a Trustik/ALD Amaze VFire battery. Of the distillates I’ve tried, Clementine has some of the more mild side effects of inducing coughing; it can and will make me cough at larger doses (for me, this is vapor inhalations that last longer than 3 seconds). Can’t really complain about this too much. The distillate vaporizers well and manages to taste good too.

Vapor Quality Rating: 4.20/5.00


Clementine Truclear has been the absolute best product I’ve tried for completely obliterating depression without making myself lazy or unproductive. I experience almost no body high to speak of; the effects are entirely cerebral. My vision becomes notably “sharper” and more colorful when these effects set in (almost immediately upon inhalation), and thoughts seem easier to line up and organize. Flow of speech comes naturally, and I am able to interact with people just as well or better than if I were not using cannabis. There is definitely an energetic quality to this product, which I attribute to the sativa distillates being extracted from energetic sativa strains like Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. Patients suffering from symptoms of ADD and ADHD may find that this strain produces desirable effects of thought concentration and ability to remain productive and focused. For me, one 3-second inhalation will produce effects that are sufficient for managing my symptoms for two to three hours. New patients or patients with low tolerances need to take it very slow when firs tasing Clementine, as the powerful cerebral effects may be somewhat overwhelming if the user is not experienced with how they feel. The best way to override any anxiety from using sativa strains is to remember that it is normal, the effects are brought on by natural and beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, and that they can be harnessed to help bring us to greater potential. I highly recommend this product for patients looking to treat depression particularly, and other similar mental conditions related to anxiety, ADD, ADHD, etc. Patients with PTSD may even find that this strain helps them view life from an altered perspective that can be used to help overcome past trauma and plant seeds for a better future. Clementine’s effects are great.

Effects Rating: 4.60/5.00

Overall Rating: 4.20/5.00

The Trulieve Clementine Distillate would best be described as a “great” product; it is a staple product in my line of medication that I have bought many times. It’s consistently relieved my symptoms from depression, etc., and helped me to reach greater heights than what I thought possible for my life and career. Of all products I have reviewed, I highly regard this one for its medicinal benefits. The one and only way I think it could be improved would be to use cannabis-derived terpenes. Trulieve – if you’re reading this, I really believe you’d see a good return on switching Truclear over to a cannabis-derived Terpene product. If at all possible, labeling the strain as the strain it’s actually extracted from (We’d love Jack Herer Truclear!) would result in an even better image and trustworthiness.

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Truly hope it helps you – we are here for you!


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