T7 Series

The idea behind the T7 series is pretty simple. This will be more of a traditional blog-style series of posts that will complement the other content on this site.

T7 is a play on alliteration – “Take The Time To Toke Things Through.”

We’re taking the time to think things through, but with medical cannabis involved. I invite all of you who are reading to join me in a short time of meditation and reflection as you read along.

Each T7 installment will focus on a variety of topics, some of which will be cannabis-related, and some of which will be focused on more broad topics. I’ll go with the flow to an extent, but my intention is to keep every episode focused on a topic that is at least somewhat relevant to you all. I’ll also include a YouTube link to the YouTube radio station I’m listening to while writing; you can play the music in-page as you read along if you’re on a desktop or laptop, and possibly tablet. Finally, I’ll include the product and strain that I’m medicating with as I write – a little “extra” for those of you who are interested.


T7|01: Medical Cannabis and Home Isolation

T7|02: Humanity’s Three Biggest Character Flaws

T7|03: Favorite Strains – 05.23.2020

T7|04: The Emerging Toxic Culture of FL Cannabis Social Media

T7|05: Florida’s Funkiest Strains – 11.15.2020

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