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After taking a long hiatus from updating the site from mid 2021 to late 2022, I came back to find that one of the main domains had expired and purchased by a scam site. This resulted in the product review links below not working and linking to the scam site. I have went through and reprogrammed each and every one of the links below, so they are now working again. New reviews are going to keep coming, so keep checking back for updates!

Flower (Loose)


The Flowery Flower: Jet Fuel OG [Packaged & Sold by Surterra]

Sunnyside Flower: Gastro Pop

Sunnyside Flower: Sourband

Sunnyside Flower: Tropicanna Cookies

GrowHealthy Flower: Blue Coffin

GrowHealthy Flower: 99 Problems

GrowHealthy Flower: Strawberry Haze

GrowHealthy Flower: Birds of Paradise

GrowHealthy Flower: Jilly Bean (Formerly Jilly Bean 3)

GrowHealthy Flower: Galactic Candy (Formerly Jilly Bean 5)

GrowHealthy Flower: Gilded Lemons (Formerly Jilly Bean 8)

Vidacann – Tikun Olam Flower: Alaska

VidaCann Flower: Strawberry Cough

VidaCann Flower: Super Lemon Haze

VidaCann Flower: Durban Poison

VidaCann Flower: Tropicanna Haze

VidaCann Flower: Margalope

Surterra Whole Flower: Myakka Native

Fluent Whole Flower: “Atlas” (Durban Poison)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Subra” (Sour Diesel)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Hydra” (Jack Herer)

Trulieve “Cultivar Collection” Flower: Ghost Train Haze

Trulieve TruFlower: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Trulieve TruFlower: Jack Herer

Trulieve TruFlower: Green Crack

Trulieve TruFlower: White Buffalo

Trulieve TruFlower: Super Silver Haze

Trulieve TruFlower: Sour Diesel

Trulieve TruFlower: Dutch Hawaiian

Trulieve TruFlower: Shipwreck

Trulieve TruFlower: Dream N’ Sour

Trulieve TruFlower: Super Lemon Haze

Trulieve x Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Crown Chakra

MÜV Flower: Clementine

MÜV Flower: Sour Jack


The Flowery Flower: Mimosa [Packaged & Sold by Surterra]

Sunburn Flower: Chem D

Sunburn Flower: Chem De La Wilson

Sunburn Flower: Petrol Station

Sunburn Flower: Toxic Lemons

Sunburn Flower: 7 Layer Chem

Sunnyside Flower: Runtz

GrowHealthy “Master Grower Series” Flower: Rain Maker

GrowHealthy Flower: Durban Funk (Formerly Durban Stardawg 4)

GrowHealthy Flower: White 99

GrowHealthy Flower: Grape Stomper

GrowHealthy Flower: Queso Perro

Liberty Health Sciences – “Papa’s Herb” Flower: Bio Diesel

Fluent Whole Flower: “Baldor” (Blue Dream)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Odra” (OG Kush)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Lyra” (Sweet Kush)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Aria” (AK-47)

VidaCann Flower: Duct Tape

VidaCann Flower: I-95 x Lemon G13

VidaCann Flower: Mandarin Cookies

VidaCann Flower: GSC

VidaCann Flower: MAC 1

VidaCann Flower: Gelato 33

VidaCann Flower: Glueball

Trulieve “Cultivar Collection” Flower: Grape Cake

Trulieve “Cultivar Collection” Flower: Gelato Sundae

Trulieve TruFlower: Bubble Gum

Trulieve TruFlower: Gorilla Grapes

Trulieve TruFlower: Stardawg

Trulieve TruFlower: Oregon Lemons

Trulieve TruFlower: Lemon OG

Trulieve TruFlower: Lemon Tree

Trulieve TruFlower: Member Berry

Trulieve TruFlower: Sherbert

Trulieve TruFlower: Space Bomb

Trulieve TruFlower: Paradise Waits

Trulieve TruFlower: Banana Kush

Trulieve TruFlower: GSC

Trulieve TruFlower: Pink Cookies (AKA Wedding Cake)

Trulieve TruFlower: Florida Sunrise

Trulieve TruFlower: Mandarin Cookies

Trulieve TruFlower: Black Tuna

Trulieve x Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Blue Sunshine

Trulieve x Alien Labs TruFlower: Kryptochronic

Trulieve x Connected Cannabis TruFlower: El Jefe

Trulieve x Connected Cannabis Truflower: Nightshade

MÜV Flower: Rainbow Trainwreck

MÜV Flower: Chemhünd

MÜV Flower: Strawberry Cough

MÜV Flower: Florida I95

MÜV Flower: Ice Cream Cake x Gelato

MÜV Flower: Prophet

MÜV Flower: Guava Jelly

MÜV Flower: Cherry Punch

Medmen Flower: M.O.A.B


The Flowery Flower: Beach Crasher [Packaged & Sold by Surterra]

Sunburn Flower: Dulce De Uva

Sunburn Flower: Grape Cream Cake

Sunnyside Flower: Chem D

Sunnyside Flower: MAC 1

Sunnyside Flower: Gorilla Glue #4

Sunnyside Flower: Jealousy

GrowHealthy Flower: Apple Aperitif

GrowHealthy Flower: Lemon Freeze Pop

GrowHealthy “Master Grower Series” Flower: Florida Keys

GrowHealthy Flower: Bubba Kush

GrowHealthy Flower: Emerald City Kush

GrowHealthy Flower: Silicon Valley OG

GrowHealthy Flower: Wookie Girl

GrowHealthy Flower: Key Largo

GrowHealthy Flower: Vaca Key

GrowHealthy Flower: Islamorada

GrowHealthy Flower: Kinno

GrowHealthy Flower: Mandelo

GrowHealthy Flower: Citrus Slice

GrowHealthy Flower: Brick House

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Flower: Eran Almog

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Flower: Erez

VidaCann Flower: King Dosi

Liberty Health Sciences x Seed Junky Flower: Banana Cream Cake

Liberty Health Sciences Flower: Star Killer

Fluent Whole Flower: “Versa” (Critical Kush)

Fluent Whole Flower: “Polaris” (Grandaddy Purple)

Trulieve “Cultivar Collection” Flower: Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints

Trulieve “Cultivar Collection” Flower: PCB x Animal Cookies

Trulieve “Cultivar Collection” Flower: Hippie Crasher

Trulieve TruFlower: 9lb Hammer

Trulieve TruFlower: Skywalker OG

Trulieve TruFlower: LA Confidential

Trulieve TruFlower: Puck Yeah

Trulieve TruFlower: Mandarin Dreams

Trulieve TruFlower: Northern Hash Plant

Trulieve TruFlower: Skunk Ape

Trulieve TruFlower: Crescendo

Trulieve TruFlower: Papaya Cake

Trulieve TruFlower: Space Age Cake

Trulieve TruFlower: Panhandle Purps

Trulieve TruFlower: Blue Spring Cookies

Trulieve x Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Triangle Kush

Trulieve x Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Myrcene Queen

Trulieve x Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower: Northern Lights

Trulieve x Binske TruFlower: Blue Cheese

MÜV Flower: Mandarin Dreams

MÜV Flower: Triangle Kush

MÜV Flower: Guru

MÜV Flower: RudeBoi OG

MÜV Flower: Slurricane

MÜV Flower: Modified Grapes #6

Curaleaf Flower: Afghani


Trulieve TruFlower: Harlequin GDP

Trulieve TruFlower: 5lb Hammer

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Flower: Midnight

Hemp/High CBD

Gaia Wellness: Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower

Flower (Prerolls)


Vidacann Flower: I95 x Lemon G13

Surterra “Florida’s Finest”: Original Glue

Surterra “Florida’s Finest”: Stardawg


Trulieve TruFlower: LA Confidential

Flower (Vaporizer Cups)


Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Sour Diesel

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Super Silver Haze

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Colombian Gold

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Jack Herer

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Dutch Hawaiian

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Green Crack


Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Stardawg and Gorilla Grapes

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Sunset Sherbert

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Gilz Nilz

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Truberry OG

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Strawberry Switchblade

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Girl Scout Cookies

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Oregon Lemons

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Lemon Tree

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Poison Fruit


Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Crescendo

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: 9lb Hammer

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Zkittlez

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Northern Hash Plant

Trulieve TruFlower Cups: Puck Yeah


Trulieve TruGels: Sour Apple

Trulieve 1:1 Fudge Brownies

Trulieve TruChocolate: Dark Chocolate



Trulieve TruShatter: Jack Herer

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Sour Diesel

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Super Silver Haze

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Green Crack

Trulieve Truclear Distillate: Clementine

GrowHealthy Mind Distillate: Strawberry Haze

GrowHealthy Mind Distillate: Birds of Paradise

GrowHealthy Mind Distillate: Sour Tangie


Trulieve TruCRMBL: Lemon OG


Trulieve/Blue River THCa: Puck Yeah

Trulieve/Blue River Rosin: Skywalker

Trulieve Truclear Distillate: 9lb Hammer

Trulieve TruCRMBL: Mandarin Dreams

Trulieve TruWax: LA Confidential

GrowHealthy Body Distillate: Bubba Kush


GrowHealthy Balance Distillate: Grape Stomper (1:1 CBD:THC Hybrid)

Trulieve Truclear Distillate: God’s Gift (1:1 CBD:THC)

Vape Carts and Pens


Curaleaf Distillate Vape Cart: Jack Herer

Trulieve “TruSpectrum” TruPod: Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Green Crack

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Super Silver Haze

Fluent “Black” Distillate Vape Cart: “Hydra” (Jack Herer)

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Distillate Vape Cart: Alaska

VidaCann Distillate Vape Cart: Strawberry Cough

MÜV Disposable Vape Pen: Citral Glue

MÜV Disposable Vape Pen: Pootie Tang

MÜV Disposable Vape Pen: Zour Apples

MÜV Pure Vape Cart: Maui Wowie


GrowHealthy “Signature Blend Series” Vape: Sour Silly Bean

GrowHealthy “Signature Blend Series” Vape: Aqua Girl

Curaleaf “Slim” Vape Pen: Blue Raspberry Lemonade

Curaleaf “Slim” Vape Pen: Strawberry Cotton Candy

Surterra Wellness – Coral Reefer Disposable Vape Pen: Surfin’ In A Hurricane

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Sunset Sherbert

Trulieve CO2 Distillate Vape Cart: Paradise Waits

Trulieve Rosin Vape Cart: Paradise Waits

VidaCann Distillate Vape Cart: Mandarin Cookies


VidaCann – Tikun Olam Distillate Vape Cart: Eran Almog


Surterra Wellness Disposable Vape Pen: Revive AM

VidaCann – Tikun Olam Distillate Vape Cart: Midnight


Trulieve Delta-8 Trupod: Purple Punch (1:1 Ratio – Delta 8:CBD)

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