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Our Opinion on “No Smoke is a Joke”

5 Reasons for Taxation, Regulation, and Legalization of Marijuana in Florida in 2020

3 Big Wins for Florida Medical Marijuana Patients in 2018

The 5 Florida Cannabis Companies that will lead the Industry in 2019

3 Ways Florida Medical Cannabis Dispensaries will progress in 2019

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5 Ways Florida Dispensaries Can Improve in 2019

Why a THC Cap on Cannabis does more harm than good

Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: Periodic Industry Updates





02.03.2019 – VidaCann Concentrate Syringes Coming Soon!


02.14.2019 – TruCRMBL and Smokable Cannabis in Florida


02.28.2019 – More Flower, More Progress

03.07.2019 – SB 182 Passes Florida Senate, Smokable Cannabis on the Horizon

03.13.2019 – SB 182 Passes Florida House, Florida’s Faulted 15

03.18.2019 – Governor Desantis signs SB 182 into law, Changes to Florida Medical Marijuana Industry

03.21.2019 – Smokable Flower now available from Trulieve!

03.24.2019 – Curaleaf becomes second Florida Cannabis Company to offer Smokable Flower; 4 more MMTCs to follow

04.04.2019 – Good News & Bad News

05.15.2019 – Industry Expansion, Flower Overview

07.15.2019 – Industry Update, Flower Overview

08.20.2019 – Industry Update, Flower Overview

11.07.2019 – Industry Update, MMTC/Flower Overview

12.02.2019 – Florida Medical Cannabis Collective 1-Year Anniversary, 2018-2019 Then & Now

01.16.2020 – Industry Update, MMTC/Flower Overview

05.25.2020 – Things Dispensaries are Doing Correctly

08.09.2020 – “State of the Industry” and Consumer Report

09.06.2020 – Edible Products Released, MPX Extracts, Cannabis LAB, Q4 2020

Quasi-Quarterly “State of the Industry” Reports – From Our Patients

Q1 2019

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