Sunburn Flower Review: Toxic Lemons (Hybrid)

Toxic Lemons is yet another new strain from Sunburn Cannabis, who seems to really be trying to get the genetic variety out there for 2023. This strain was released alongside 7 layer Chem (review coming soon) on February 9, 2023.

I’m not sure what factors Sunburn considers when pricing their flower, but I noticed both this and the 7 Layer Chem are some of the first of their new strains to be priced at $45/eighth as opposed to $55. It will be interesting to see how these strains stack up to recent Sunburn additions such as Petrol Station and Chem De La Wilson.

Quick Facts:

Toxic Lemons

Price at time of review: $45/eighth

Lineage: Chem D x Lemon Tree x i95

Lab Report


One of the first things I noticed about this eighth, compared to other recent Sunburn offerings, is that the bud structure is a little more loose and airy. Combined with the fact that all of the trichomes appear to be clear as opposed to milky/cloudy and amber, my suspicion is that this batch may have been pulled slightly early.

There’s still a little bit of stickiness to the buds though. The trim job also looks pretty good, and the buds are surprisingly dense despite being a little but more loose. They also grind down to that nice, “fluffy” consistency that I’m always talking about.

While Toxic Lemons wasn’t quite at the same level in this category when compared to the $55/eighth Sunburn strains, this is still good flower.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 7.20/10.00


Toxic Lemons takes a lot of its smell and taste from both the Chem D and the Lemon Tree parents (I really don’t notice the i95 much here.) In the bag, you can smell the musky, earthy notes from the Chem D, with a sweeter lemon zest from the Lemon Tree lingering in the background.

Breaking open or grinding the buds reveals the chemical funk of Chem D, a little stronger lemon citrus smell, and a hint of Sour Diesel, which is one of Lemon Tree’s parent strains. In terms of “loudness” or how pungent the smell is, I would say it’s about a “4” in the bag, and a “5.5′” when ground up. This won’t smell up the whole house, but it does have a nice, moderately pungent smell to it.

When smoked, Toxic Lemons tastes equal parts musky, earthy, and spicy. There’s a little bit of a sweet taste on the exhale, with the faintest hit of lemon.

Again: not a homerun in this category, but it’s nice enough.

Smell/Taste Rating: 6.00/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Toxic Lemons feels like a sativa-dominant hybrid to me. If you’ve had Lemon Tree, it feels very similar to those effects, but a little more relaxed due to the Chem D.

I remember Lemon Tree for having the ability to bring on borderline “psychedelic”, racy effects if I had it in higher doses. Toxic Lemons also seems to carry on that quality, but perhaps not as pronounced. I had just one large hit earlier, and actually had to fight off a little bit of anxiety and hyper-awareness of my heartbeat. With that being said, new patients and patients with lower tolerances might start off very “low and slow” when first using this strain. It’s definitely a daytime strain.

The effects were nice enough, decent “legs” or length of effects, but as with other categories in this review – it just doesn’t quite hit that “homerun”.

Effects Rating: 6.50/10.00

Overall Rating: 6.56/10.00

Overall, I would best describe this eighth of Toxic Lemons as a “pretty good” hybrid strain from Sunburn.

While Toxic Lemons wasn’t quite as good as the other recent strains from Sunburn (for me at least), there is no doubt that Sunburn has overall been growing high quality cannabis for our market. I would firmly put Sunburn in the Top 3 for my area in the Northwest Panhandle. I’m watching them closely this year, and think it’s worth it for my readers to do the same. If they can keep this up, I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

Be well, healthy, wealthy, and happy!

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