Sunnyside Flower Review: Tropicanna Cookies (Sativa)

Tropicana (or Tropicanna) Cookies is not a new strain; in fact, it is a fairly well-known cross of two classics: Tangie and GSC.

I don’t really have a big lead-in or story to tell with this strain. It was on sale and looked interesting, so I grabbed it. It be like that sometimes.

Quick Facts:

Tropicanna Cookies

Price at time of review: $50/eighth (Bought on sale for $25/eighth)

Lineage: Tangie x GSC

Lab Report


This is an interesting pickup due to the long, skinny buds. Back when the classification of sativa and indica strains was more based on plant/bud shape and size rather than effects, sativa strains were known to have the longer, skinnier, wispier plants and flowers.

As you can see above, this is a very purple strain. I don’t see a whole lot of purple sativas, so that was interesting.

The flower is too dry for my liking – not quite “crumble to dust” level, but close. It also appears that the plant was harvested too early, as the trichomes are small and mostly clear in color. There either weren’t many trichome heads, or an autotrimmer zapped them.

This flower isn’t terrible, but I have way better in my cabinet right now – some from Sunnyside.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 4.50/10.00


This phenotype of Tropicanna Cookies definitely took after the Tangie parent more with the smell and taste. The smell is very obvious tangerine right out of the jar. It reminds me a lot of The Flowery’s Mimosa flower that I recently reviewed, minus the gas smell. The orange citrus smell is not like the terpinolene “lemon floor cleaner” smell, but a sweet tangerine smell through and through. This only becomes more intense when the flower is ground up.

The taste of the flower when smoked is like a spicy orange cookie – also very similar to The Flowery’s Mimosa.

Smell/Taste Rating: 6.90/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

I’m not sure if it is due to the ~14% THC (it’s more likely that plus a combination of other factors), but I found the effects from this eighth of Tropicanna Cookies to be very mild, with little to no “legs”, or length of effects. I have a low to moderate tolerance, and even I have to take several hits of this (smoking out of a bowl) to get any substantial effects from it.

The effects I do get are more mild in the sativa spectrum – not energetic, racy, or motivating. This feels more like a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, with gentle relaxing effects and a mild calm that washes over the mind. I do not feel many body effects from this strain at all.

I could see the effects being really nice if the flower was properly gone, but this is unfortunately just a miss in almost every area.

Effects Rating: 4.50/10.00

Overall Rating: 5.30/10.00

Overall, I would best describe this eighth of Tropicanna Cookies as a “below average” sativa strain from Sunnyside.

It’s quite possible that I just got a bad batch of this strain – I admittedly have not checked out any other reviews on it. In the future, I will choose other sativa strains if I’m shopping with them – Sourband was a good one, for instance.

Many more reviews are coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the site and our social media feeds. Be well, healthy, wealthy, and happy!

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