Sunburn Flower Review: Chem D (Hybrid)

Hey there! Hope this review finds everyone well. On this one, we are taking a look at another new strain from one of the newest Florida dispensaries: Sunburn Cannabis.

I won’t go into too much detail about Sunburn’s story here in this review, but in short, it’s the latest venture from Brady Cobb, former CEO of 3 Boys farm and One Plant – which went on to become Sunnyside. There’s an article with ore about the story of Sunburn here, if you are interested.

The strain we’re looking at is a classic: Chem D, descended from the legendary Chemdog strain. If you haven’t read the backstory on Chemdog, there’s a nice article here that goes a bit into that.

This review is also interesting because for the first time, I am trying the same strain, grown by the same grower, at two different dispensaries. Many of my readers know who “PBud” is – a legendary grower who helped grow the original Chemdog. He was originally with Sunnyside (which started as 3 Boys Farm, also founded by Brady Cobb), before moving over to Sunburn.

I was lucky enough to try and review PBud’s last batch of Chem D grown at Sunnyside, and am now reviewing his first batch grown at Sunburn. As such, this review will have a lot of references to my review of PBud’s last batch of Chem D at Sunnyside. If you haven’t already read that review, I do recommend you read it before proceeding, as it will give you much more context to the references I make throughout this review. It can be found here.

Quick Facts:

Chem D

Price at time of review: $55/eighth

Lineage: Uncertain, said to be Nepalese x Thai. This particular batch is descended from “Dogbud”.

Lab Report


Sunburn has been killing it on their grams of flower (I reviewed Dulce De Uva and Chem De La Wilson already), but reports on their eighths have been mixed, with a lot of reviews stating the flower was too dry. This eighth of Chem D was my first (and so far only) eighth vs. getting a gram to sample the strain. I figured since I knew I liked Sunnyside’s Chem D, I would go ahead and pay the premium to see how it was at Sunburn, especially with PBud going on social media to say this was the best batch of Chem D he had ever seen.

There are countless variables that affect the final product we receive at our local dispensary, so I want to go ahead and say that I am not calling PBud’s statement false; however, unfortunately, I found that my eighth of Chem D missed the mark in this category.

The flower looks nice enough and appears to have been harvested at a good time as it is covered in a mix of amber and milky trichomes. Where it totally misses the mark is the moisture content. This stuff came out of the packet in the “crumble to dust” dry stage. I tried to save it by putting a Boveda pack in the bag for 24 hours. Unfortunately, this just made the texture of the buds very odd. It was spongy, but not in the way we like to see. Ultimately, the buds still broke down into a sandy consistency as well. It just totally missed the mark, which is unfortunate, as I thought Sunnyside’s last batch with PBud was pretty good here.

Maybe I just got unlucky with a bad batch – you all will have to let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 5.00/10.00


When I first opened my bag, I was quite deflated. The chemical, rubbery funk that I had found with Sunnyside’s Chem D wasn’t here; instead, I found the dreaded “hay” smell, or near-complete absence of any smell.

Breaking open the flower revealed a weak hint of the essence of Chem D. I decided to throw the Boveda pack in as I mentioned before, hoping it could revive some of the terps and smell.

24 hours with the Boveda did bring the smell back, but instead of the burnt rubber funk I found with Sunnyside’s Chem D, I found straight cat piss/ammonia to emanate from the bag. I know some people like this smell and it’s often associated with old-school buds, but I am personally not a fan of it.

The smell stayed the same when broken down. Fortunately, the taste of this Chem D when smoked was pretty nice – more piney than I remembered Sunnyside’s to be, but similar tasting overall.

Again, I think something in the curing, drying, packaging, or transportation process made this eighth miss the mark.

Smell/Taste Rating: 4.50/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

While Sunnyside classified their last batch of Chem D with PBud as an indica, Sunburn’s first batch comes in as an indica-dominant hybrid. I definitely find Sunburn’s version to have less sedating effects overall.

This is one area where Sunburn’s Chem D stays consistent. The effects are “classic cannabis”, warm, fuzzy, and very slightly euphoric. The cerebral invigoration during the onset of effects seems to have potential to be intense with Chem D, so newer or lower-tolerance patients might exercise caution when first trying this strain.

Overall, again, I preferred Sunnyside’s version – but there is not as much of a contrast in this category. This batch of Chem D feels like an “any time of the day” strain, though the relaxing body effects can have you feeling lazy as the effects start to wear off.

Effects Rating: 7.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 5.50/10.00

Overall, I would best describe this eighth of Chem D as an “average” hybrid strain from Sunburn.

My first impression of Sunburn Cannabis and their flower has been a very positive one, other than this eighth of Chem D, which was a miss compared to Sunnyside’s last batch with PBud. I suggest the dry, cure, and other teams take a look at what they did with the first grams of Chem De La Wilson and Dulce De Uva and ensure they apply it to the eighths of flower as well. Those were nearly perfect. There is also the possibility, as I have mentioned, that I simply got a bad pack. I seem to recall seeing some positive reviews on Reddit. In any case, Chem D is still a solid strain – they just missed the mark with this particular eighth.

Be well, healthy, wealthy, and happy!

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3 thoughts on “Sunburn Flower Review: Chem D (Hybrid)

  1. I got an grammar and it was dry also. Effects were very good though!


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