The Flowery Flower Review: Jet Fuel OG (Sativa) [Packaged and sold by Surterra]

[I’m going to review this Jet Fuel OG as a product from The Flowery rather than Surterra. All Surterra did was package and sell it thanks to an emergency relief measure after their crop failure during Hurricane Ian in 2022. In all respects, this is flower from The Flowery, and therefore will be reviewed as such.]


*Takes a large hit of Jet Fuel OG*

This review is going to be a little longer and written in a different style than my usual flower reviews. This review is more than a bit of story-telling, comparisons, some of my experiences, and talk about the current Florida medical cannabis industry as a whole.

To understand where this review is coming from, I’ll start with introducing the Reddit community that I help moderate, for those of you who found my site through other means: Florida Medical Trees. I’ve been a member of this community since 2018 and a moderator since 2019. If you are a Florida medical cannabis patient and aren’t already a member, I highly recommend joining. It helped me immensely in my early days as a cardholder, and that’s part of why I enjoy moderating and posting these reviews there as a way to give back to the community.

Anyway – The Flowery. I think they came into the market in 2020 or 2021 if I remember correctly. People weren’t huge fans of them then – the general sentiment was that their flower was dry, had no terps/smell at all, and was overpriced. Subsequently, I took a hiatus from the community and this website from roughly August 2021 to September 2022.

When I came back, The Flowery’s flower was now where all the hype was. It was a complete reversal. It seemed that their partnerships with Preferred Gardens and 710 Labs had totally helped turn the operation around. Every other post on the Florida Medical Trees subreddit seemed to be a post of their flower, often filled with superlatives and bursting with hype. It was to the point that there was a conspiracy theory that a Flowery paid influencer operation was covertly operating in the community. (Not that this is anything new – people have been accusing the subreddit of paid advertising since the beginning. I can assure you all that the mod team does not participate in or allow this.)

Naturally, as someone who has reviewed over 135 strains of flower to date, I wanted to try it for myself and see if it lived up to the constant hype. I logged onto The Flowery’s website and quickly learned a problem I have encountered far too many times – they do not serve my area in the Northwest Florida Panhandle. No storefronts. No delivery unless I drive to Tallahassee (not practical). Again, this is nothing new for me as a patient in the western panhandle. At the time of this review, we still don’t have storefronts or delivery for The Flowery, Jungle Boys, Rise, Goldleaf, Sanctuary, High Times, Cookies, and others.

My only choice was to wait until we got access to The Flowery, which was increasingly becoming regarded as the best flower in Florida, at least in the Florida Medical trees subreddit (“sub”). The pattern was becoming predictable: every time there was a new flower drop (especially if it was from Preferred Gardens), the hype posts commenced and took over the sub’s feed. The Florida Medical Trees sub was looking more like a Flowery hype sub, and even worse, a group of users began insulting any pickup posts that weren’t from The Flowery – to the point that I was having to take action as a moderator due to the harassment of other patients. I was admittedly becoming annoyed at this point.

I at least had some allegedly higher quality flower to placate me in the meantime. Trulieve dropped their collaborations with Alien Labs and Connected, which did yield slightly higher quality flower than I was used to. Sunburn then opened up a month later in January 2023, and their flower came in at a quality amongst the best in our area.

Like all things in life, random things happen. As a testament to what I was saying earlier about how helpful the Florida Medical Trees sub is, and still helps me to this day: I would not be writing this review right now if it weren’t for someone posting this opportunity on the sub.

Due to a massive crop loss in Hurricane Ian in late 2022, Surterra has been allowed emergency relief to purchase wholesale flower from other dispensaries. They have been selling MUV flower for a couple of months now, but this week was the first time they offered flower from yet another dispensary – and it happened to be The Flowery. There was an entire ad campaign based around it, which found its way to Florida Medical Trees. Could this be my chance to try The Flowery’s flower?

I quickly checked the online inventory for my local Surterra, and to my pleasant surprise, a few Flowery strains were on the menu: Jet Fuel OG, Mimosa, and Beach Crasher. I ordered an eighth of Jet Fuel and Beach Crasher, and anxiously awaited getting off work that day so I could pick them up. My chance to measure the endless hype had finally come, in one of the most unexpected ways.

Quick Facts:

Jet Fuel OG

Lineage: Aspen OG x High Country Diesel

Price at time of review: $50/eighth (purchased on sale for $32.50/eighth) 

Lab Report


After what seemed like the longest afternoon, my time had come. I picked up the eighths and headed home. I couldn’t wait to crack open the jars.

I opened Jet Fuel OG first, and was immediately pleased with what I saw. As always, I snapped the pictures for the review immediately, and those are obviously the ones above.

Other than MAC 1, I have not come across another strain as frosty as this eighth of Jet Fuel OG. When a light is shined on it, it almost looks more like moon rocks (buds covered in distillate and kief) than it looks like regular flower. The trichomes all look to be well-matured, and there are what seems like dozens of large trichome heads that are easily visible to the naked eye, and look a bit larger than what I usually see,

All the buds are very dense and have what I consider to be near-perfect moisture content. For reference, I am not a huge fan of dry flower. I feel that the smell and taste (and effects) are impacted negatively if the flower is over dried. This could just be in my head, but that’s my opinion on it. With that said, I appreciate a flower with some good moisture in it – but not too much, of course. If the grinder can’t break it down well, sometimes that may indicate too much moisture.

So: I consider a good cured flower to be in between those two extremes, and this eighth is there. It’s also very sticky – like “stick to the fingers sticky” – and it even stays sticky after it has been through a grinder.

Overall, it is the best looking flower I’ve gotten, in terms of the overall growth and cure. It’s a notch above both the Trulieve Alien Labs/Connected collaborations and the Sunburn flower that I have recently picked up and reviewed with high scores.

I believe this is the 137th strain of flower that I have reviewed since smokable flower was legalized in early 2019. It is the highest score I’ve given in this category, and the only reason it didn’t get a perfect 10 is that I have had stickier flower before.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 9.90/10.00


With a name like “Jet Fuel OG”, I expected to be greeted with a smell of pungent diesel or skunk when I opened the jar. Instead, ironically, the smell of sweet cake and hash emanated to my nose.

Breaking up the flower is when the diesel/gasoline came out, and it came out strong. I was honestly a little surprised at the stark contrast of the smell of the outside of the buds vs. the smell of the inside when they were ground up. A strain smelling more intense and even a little different when it’s broken up is common and expected – but it’s usually not two completely opposite smells like this.

When smoked, I taste sweet hashy cake and nutty flavors on the inhale, with a stronger lingering sweet cake on the exhale.

If you like cake and/or gas strains, you will like this.

Smell/Taste Rating: 7.90/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

This flower has got some nice effects. The kind that feel “whole” – nothing is missing. You are medicated fully, happy, relaxed, and satisfied.

Jet Fuel OG has got a bit of a cerebral punch to it, but it’s still what I consider to be a more mellow sativa. Body relaxation is noticeable and comes on soon after the first hit. I feel a bit of euphoria, and am overall just content with what I’m doing. I think I’ve been working on this review for about an hour now, and I am not concerned with finishing it quickly or worried about the passage of time. I am immersed in the task at hand and am truly enjoying every word as it goes from my mind, to the keyboard, to the screen.

The effects also have a good duration, or what people commonly refer to as “having legs”. A couple of hits easily lasts me for 2-3 hours. The fade-out of effects is clean and does not leave me too tired or sleepy. I’d consider this a strain best used from early morning to early evening. It is not a particularly racy sativa, but it is energizing.

Effects Rating: 8.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 8.60/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Jet Fuel OG as an “excellent” sativa strain from The Flowery.

So, with this book of a review, here’s a few closing thoughts:

  • Is it the best flower in Florida? In terms of the grow and cure and overall quality/presentation, my opinion is yes. But: I have had strains from GrowHealthy that have almost been in this league. Trulieve’s Alien Labs flower was in this league. Some of the grams of flower I’ve gotten from Sunburn are in this league. But I have also reviewed strains that scored higher overall because in addition to being just below or close to this level of cure, they also had an insanely good smell and amazing/unique effects. The moral is this: I don’t think The Flowery is the end-all-be-all based off of this, and someone else in Florida could easily grow this quality or better in 2023. It’s good, not god. If a product makes you feel good, that is seriously the only thing that matters – not the opinions of strangers on the internet.
  • I bought this at $32.50 an eighth. Now: I believe in there being justification in having tiers of prices if more time and capital is invested into the higher-priced, “premium” options. I’m also not going to judge anyone else for where they spend their money. I have bought several expensive eighths in my day. But: I got this for $32.50, and it’s $50 even at Surterra’s full price for it. It’s better than a lot of the more expensive stuff – literally half the price of Trulieve x Alien Labs’ Kryptochronic which is $65/eighth, lower than Sunburn’s $55 eighths, and it scored higher. It’s either time for everyone to improve flower quality to this level at a minimum, or stop charging so much damn money for an eighth of flower. We have seen now that it can be done. No more excuses.
  • The Western Panhandle and other areas in Florida are still underserved. It is very likely that my access to The Flowery will end soon as Surterra’s new crops are produced and packaged for stock in dispensaries. Compared to central and southern Florida, our access is a joke. It is an entirely different landscape of the medical program in some aspects. Let’s start changing that this year and get more storefront and delivery access to these areas.

Thanks for reading! I know this has been a long one. I still have The Flowery’s Beach Crasher (and half a dozen strains from other dispensaries) to review and post in the coming weeks. Those reviews will be more of the traditional style and less of a “book”/storytelling. Those types of reviews are reserved for when my entire perspective of the industry is changed – ha!

Take care and be well, wealthy, healthy, and happy!

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