Sunburn Flower Review: Dulce De Uva (Indica)

It’s another new year, and we have another new dispensary in Florida – Sunburn Cannabis, after they bought Medmen’s license to operate in the state.

I won’t go into too much detail about Sunburn’s story here in this review, but in short, it’s the latest venture from Brady Cobb, former CEO of 3 Boys farm and One Plant – which went on to become Sunnyside. There’s an article with ore about the story of Sunburn here, if you are interested.

Sunburn has got a few things going for it that set it apart from the current industry. One of those (and my personal favorite) is that they are the only dispensary in Florida offering flower to purchase in gram units, at $15/gram. I am a huge fan of this, and think it should be an industry standard for every dispensary. Some of us simply use less to medicate and would prefer trying new stains in smaller quantities. This obviously also helps me try and review more strains for all of you.

The other thing is that Sunburn Cannabis is not trying to be a medical cannabis brand, and that is evident when you step foot inside one of their dispensaries. Rather than the plain, sterilized “doctor’s office” environment of most dispensaries, there are sofas, pool tables, and eye-catching aesthetic decor all over the place. I have to say that my local Sunburn is my favorite dispensary environment at this time.

So what about the flower itself? Without spoiling the review, I have to say that Sunburn may be another formidable force in the Florida cannabis industry.

Quick Facts:

Dulce De Uva

Price at time of review: $15/gram

Lineage: Unknown; thought to be a phenotype of Grape Cream Cake.

Lab Report

Unfortunately, the lab report for this strain is currently unavailable. Please check back periodically for updates!


Sunburn started growing some of Medmen’s genetics last year, but Dulce De Uva and Grape Cream Cake represented the first two strains of Sunburn’s “new” flower with their full operation.

The gram of Dulce De Uva that I picked up is absolutely gorgeous, and up there with the best quality that I have seen, being a cardhholder since 2018. It weighed exactly one gram.

There were reports of Sunburn’s eighths of Dulce De Uva and Grape cream Cake being too dry, so I didn’t know what to expect with the grams. (My eighth of Chem D that I will review soon was a different story – it was dry as others described.) However, it appears the grams are a different batches from the eighths, and this gram of Dulce De Uva is cured nearly perfectly – hard to break up, sticky, and grinds down to a “fluffy” consistency in the grinder.

You can see from the images above that this flower is just absolutely caked in trichomes. There really isn’t much of anything negative that I can say about this flower. It’s just grown and cured really well.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 9.00/10.00


Dulce De Uva has a delicious candy and grape smell right out of the bag. “Dulce de Uva” is Spanish for “Grape Candy”, and that’s a perfect description of this strain’s smell. It isn’t too much more complex than that – it is simply grape candy in the bag. It isn’t a crazy pungent smell, but the smell isn’t hard to find, either.

When broken apart or ground up, the smell becomes a little more musky, with faint hints of a gas/diesel smell coming out as well.

When smoked, the tatse is earthy, sweet, and nutty on the inhale. The taste on exhale is almost identical, and the sweetness seems to linger on the tongue for a little bit afterwards.

Overall, the smell and taste are both nice and line up perfectly with the strain’s name.

Smell/Taste Rating: 7.00/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Until today, Sunburn didn’t have their strains labeled as sativa, hybrid, or indica. When they finally updated this today, I was quite surprised to see Dulce De Uva listed as an indica strain.

For me, the effects seem to be more hybrid, even sativa-dominant hybrid. Where Sunburn does get it right is in the graphic of the strain on their site. See below:

I have to say that creative and uplifting are accurate descriptors of Dulce De Uva’s effects. Within minutes of taking a hit (smoking), I am wrapped into a warm and creative sense of mild euphoria that seems most prominent behind the eyes and forehead. I do not have the “cup of coffee” or “racy” feel that is often used to describe sativa effects; instead, I have a more steady, calm, and controlled energy.

The effects of this strain (and just about all of Sunburn’s flower that I have tried so far) feel very “complete”, if that makes any sense. Sometimes I have found that various flowers will have me feeling medicated, but seem to be “missing something” that I can’t quite put my finger on. That isn’t the case with this Dulce De Uva – it has a complete feeling, like the flower was fully grown and cured near to its highest potential. My vision just seems a little more enhanced – colors “pop” a little more, my thoughts seem a little more focused, my body slightly more relaxed – overall, everything seems a step up from those “hollow” or “incomplete” cannabis experiences I described earlier.

The “legs” or duration of effects on this strain seem good too. It is one of those rare strains that keeps the same type of effects throughout their duration. A lot of times, the more energetic strains will fade into a lazy relaxation afterward. I don’t really feel that with Dulce De Uva. It just slowly fades away.

Again, while this is listed as an indica strain, I found it to be more of a daytime strain for me. One option I haven’t explored is high doses of this strain – perhaps it is more sedating then.

“Clean” is the one word I would use to describe the effects of this flower. It all feels really nice, and generally the way I feel like cannabis should feel.

Effects Rating: 7.40/10.00

Possibly good for treatingsection discontinuation

Effective beginning with this review, I will not be including this section moving forward. As I have always said, I am definitely no medical doctor – and everyone is so different – the same condition’s presentation can vary from person to person, etc. People may be looking for different things, and even my experience from the same strain at different times or different batches can vary.

I say all this to say that my reviews, while intended to be a helpful reference, should never replace a conversation/consultation with your cannabis physician when considering medical use. I feel that this section is also less relevant as Florida is beginning to transition to an Adult-Use Cannabis state, with more dispensaries taking on that feel/vibe, and an adult use vote potentially being on the ballot next year in the 2024 election.

Overall Rating: 7.80/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Dulce De Uva as a “very good” indica strain from Sunburn.

My first impression of Sunburn Cannabis and their flower is a very positive one. I will definitely be including them in my rotation moving forward. As it stands, I think they have come in firmly within the Top 5, maybe even the Top 3 for best flower quality available in the West Panhandle, where we are still missing a lot of the dispensary options that South and Central Florida enjoy.

If you have a Sunburn Cannabis dispensary nearby, I say it’s worth checking out! I will certainly be back.

More Sunburn flower reviews are coming very soon – I’ve got Chem D, Chem De La Wilson, and Grape Cream Cake coming down the pipeline next.

Be well, healthy, wealthy, and happy!

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