GrowHealthy Flower Review: Jilly Bean (Formerly Jilly Bean 3 – Sativa)

Jilly Bean is a strain from MzJill Genetics that crosses a female Orange Velvet plant with a male Space Queen plant, for a candy-citrus sativa that is said to have both strong uplifting, and pain-relieving effects.

The strain has received overwhelmingly positive reviews in Florida, where it is grown by GrowHealthy. What may come as a surprise to some patients is that there are actually multiple phenotypes of this strain circulating at GrowHealthy, as indicated by the number in the strain name. Have you gotten Jilly Bean on different occasions and noticed a significantly different smell, or even different effects from batch to batch? Chances are likely that you got two different phenotypes each time. And though GrowHealthy’s website doesn’t tell you which phenotype you’re getting (yet), their Leafly page does. Note that the linked page is for the GrowHealthy Orlando location, but each location has a separate page that shows their specific live inventory.

With all that being said, I find that Jilly Bean 3 differs significantly from Jilly Bean 5 in its smell/taste, and is also noticeably different in its effects.

Quick Facts:

Jilly Bean (Sativa) (Phenotype 3)

Price at time of review: $50/eighth 

Lineage: Orange Velvet x Space Queen

Batch/Harvest Number: F-081720-JLBN3


THC: 26.663%

CBD: 0.00%

Total Cannabinoids: 26.663%








At least in terms of appearances, Jilly Bean 3 looks a great deal like Jilly bean 5, though perhaps slightly lighter green in color. GrowHealthy keeps their high quality standard with this batch, and the large nug pictured above weighed nearly 3 grams on its own. The cure, trim, and everything else involved with the cultivation of this flower, are fantastic.

Jilly Bean lineage seems to produce large, dense buds in general, and that is again the case with the 3rd phenotype. I’m sure MzJill herself would enjoy GrowHealty’s versions of her strain.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 8.70/10.00


This area is where the two Jilly Bean phenotypes that I’ve tried differ the most. Jilly Bean 5 had a very terpinolene-dominant smell, similar to strains like Jack Herer. When broken down, it smelled like a candy grapefruit with a hint of bitter musk in the background.

Jilly Bean 3, however, is a different story entirely. This is a very musky strain. While the “fruit” element is still there, instead of “candy fruit” like with Jilly Bean 5, we find a more “rotten fruit” smell with Jilly Bean 3. I also find there to be a noticeable cheesy scent present as well. If Jilly Bean 5 is “sharp” and “bright”, then Jilly Bean 3 is more “heavy” and “musty”.

Somehow, though, the “essence” of the Jilly Bean taste when smoked seems to be very similar between the two phenotypes I’ve tried. Both feature the fruity taste, but Jilly Bean 5 tastes more spicy when smoked, whereas Jilly Bean 3 has a musky taste – similar to their respective smells.

Overall, I prefer Jilly Bean 5 over Jilly Bean 3 in this category – but the latter isn’t bad at all.

Smell/Taste Rating: 6.60/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Jilly Bean 3 seems to lean more “hybrid” in its effects when compared to Jilly Bean 5. I’ll skip all the direct comparisons in this section beyond that.

Indeed, Jilly Bean 3 is a more “rounded” sativa, with more balanced and rounded effects that are almost equally detectable in the mind and body.

There is cerebral invigoration with Jilly Bean 3, but I do not find it extremely motivating or energizing. It almost feels more like a hybrid strain than a sativa.

Body relaxation becomes more noticeable as the effects progress. If I had to ratio the effects, I would say it feels 60/40 “sativa” dominant. Again, I wouldn’t think twice if it had been labeled as a
“hybrid” strain, as far as the effects are concerned.

With all that being said, Jilly Bean 3 feels like a versatile sativa strain, good for use any time from early morning to early evening. The only time I wouldn’t personally recommend using it, is right before going to bed. In my case, the cerebral invigoration is just enough to keep the mind rolling at a fast pace that might prevent one from falling asleep. Though, as I always state in instances like these: everyone is different!

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety (in lower doses)
  • Minor aches and pains
  • Minor gastrointestinal issues
  • General mild relaxation

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Everybody is different, and every body reacts differently to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 7.10/10.00

Overall Rating: 7.46/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Jilly Bean as a “very good” sativa strain from GrowHealthy.

A combination of good genetics, a good grow with apparent love & care for the plant, and a good cure all come together to make for an excellent batch of medicinal cannabis. This is a strain I will definitely get again in the future – though I must say, I prefer the Jilly Bean 5 phenotype to this one. I’ll also be on the lookout for other phenotypes so I can try and review them for you all as well.

Be well, and stay healthy, happy, and prosperous!

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  1. Although there were no complaints last year I’m looking forward to some new fire this year. Remember you can eat to keep me driving 40 miles each way. LOL

    On Sun, Nov 15, 2020, 10:41 Florida Medical Cannabis Collective wrote:

    > @FLMCCollective posted: ” Jilly Bean is a strain from MzJill Genetics that > crosses a female Orange Velvet plant with a male Space Queen plant, for a > candy-citrus sativa that is said to have both strong uplifting, and > pain-relieving effects. The strain has received overwhelming” >


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