GrowHealthy “Signature Blend Series” Vape Cart Review: Aqua Girl (Hybrid)

GrowHealthy’s “Signature Blend Series” is their premium vape cart line, designed to feature custom strains that are set apart from the “stock strains” that they keep in rotation.

GrowHealthy’s Brand Page for the series offers the following:

At GrowHealthy, we’re not only dedicated to bringing you high-quality cannabis—but also highly-anticipated experiences.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our premium Signature Blend Series ™, a small-batch collection of high potency, limited-release cartridges that brings together coveted cannabis strains to create new and unique effects.

These one of a kind cartridges contain custom blends by true luminaries, including Melina Villalobos, Extraction Manager for GrowHealthy. For those who want to elevate their experience this exclusive Signature Blend Series™ is that—special. But hurry. Once a blend is gone, it’s gone for good.

GrowHealthy Signature Blend Series Brand Page

Specifically in reference to Aqua Girl, GrowHealthy describes it as follows:

Spicy, earthy, and slightly sweet, our newest Signature Blend Series™ cartridge, Aqua Girl, is a seasonal selection for the seasoned cannabis connoisseur. A full-bodied blend, Aqua Girl, marries a mild Sativa, Blue Coffin, with a potent Indica, Wookie Girl, to create a hybrid distillate dripping with fall flavors. Seven terpenes provide relaxed yet uplifted medicinal benefits and an enhanced sensory experience with aromas reminiscent of turning leaves, cloves, hops, apple, and chamomile.

GrowHealthy “Aqua Girl” Product Page

I’ve actually tried both parent strains in flower form, and never thought of crossing them – but given what GrowHealthy was going for with this blend as described by the terpenes and taste, it makes sense.

Quick Facts:

Aqua Girl – Hybrid

Price at time of review: $55/0.5g cart

Lineage: Blue Coffin x Wookie Girl

73.125% THC

0.248% CBD

73.373% Total Cannabinoids


The idea of crossing Blue Coffin and Wookie Girl interested me so much because the two strains are truly polar opposites when it comes to their smell and taste. Blue Coffin smells skunky and fruity, with a spicy taste. Wookie Girl is a sweet treat with an almost candy-like terpene profile that brings on a similarly sweet taste, almost reminiscent of licorice.

Surprisingly, the mixture of the two terpene profiles produces a vapor that tastes much like GrowHealthy describes it: spicy, earthy, leaves, cloves, with faint hints of fruit and sweetness. It seems like the Blue Coffin parent may be the dominant one in the taste profile.

Overall, it seems GrowHealthy achieved what they were going for with the taste of this vape cart. I enjoyed it.

Taste Rating: 7.70/10.00

Vapor and Product Quality

GrowHealthy cartridges are all variations of CCell, so the overall build of the cart is solid. Though this cart didn’t seem to draw quite as efficiently as others I have tried, it didn’t give me any real clogging issues.

I found the cart to be filled nearly to the top, as seen in the second image above. I know there’s a certain about of “headspace” to be expected in vape carts, but some are much more pronounced than others. Fortunately, this cart had little to no headspace.

Solidly constructed cart + generous product amount = satisfaction in this category.

Vapor/Product Quality Rating: 9.00/10.00


Aqua Girl feels like an almost perfectly balanced 50/50 sativa to indica effects profile to me. The Blue Coffin brings on just enough cerebral stimulation to remain motivated without becoming anxious or racy, while the Wookie Girl brings on a warming fully-body relaxation to balance it out.

This strain can truthfully be used at almost any time of the day. It isn’t so stimulating that it prevents me from getting sleep, nor is it sedating enough to keep me from getting things done. GrowHealthy really brought out the best effects from each of the parent strains, and combined them into one fall-tasting vape cart. Unsurprisingly, I enjoyed relaxing by my fireplace while medicating with this vape cart.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Minor aches and pains
  • Minor gastrointestinal issues
  • General relaxation

Effects Rating: 8.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 8.23/10.00

GrowHealthy’s Aqua Girl “Signature Blend Series” cart is best described as an “excellent” product.

I always enjoyed GrowHealthy’s distillate and distillate vape carts from the very first time I tried them in early 2019. Aqua Girl is another great addition to the line up, with taste and effect profiles that truly are perfect for the “cooler” season in Florida. (80s are cooler than 90s, I suppose!)

Based off this experience, I will likely try another strain from the Signature Blend Series in the future.

Hope you all have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, or night – whichever applies. Thanks for reading the review!

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Truly hope it helps you – we are here for you!


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