Trulieve Edibles Review: TruGels (Green Apple)

Edible cannabis products in Florida are finally a reality, and have been for roughly a month now, after emergency ruling was passed by the Department of Health to provide guidelines for the sale of said products.

As has been typical for every major milestone of Florida’s medical cannabis industry, Trulieve accelerated approval and production to make edible cannabis products available in Florida just a short time after the ruling was passed. The “TruGel” gummies that we will review today were the first true edible product brought to Florida’s medical cannabis industry. This was followed by limited releases of cookies, chocolates, and fudge brownies – and I’m sure this lineup will continue to expand throughout the next several months.

Quick Facts:

Batch: FINP-EDB-0021-PK-58

Price at time of review: $25/100mg (10 pieces, 10 mg each)

Ingredients: Distillate Cannabis Oil (10mg THC per Gel), Sugar, Corn Syrup, Water, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid, Green Apple Flavor (propylene glycol, natural flavor).

Product Quality/Consistency:

The plastic jar contained two sealed plastic pouches (with THC! printed in red text) that each contained 5 “gels”. The gels themselves have a very gummy consistency, and remind me a lot of gumdrop candies, down to the frosted coating on the outside – I always loved that texture as a kid, so it was nice to come across it again in “medicinal candy”.

I feel that these are the exact texture they should be for a product labeled as a “gel” or gummy candy. Everything is well put-together, and it doesn’t feel like cheap or low quality. Well done, Trulieve!

Product Quality/Consistency Rating: 9.50/10.00


Green Apple happens to be one of my favorite fruit candy flavors (tied with blueberry), so as always. remember that the taste portion of edible reviews will be even more subjective than average.

That being said, Trulieve did an amazing job with the flavoring of these Green Apple gels. The green apple flavoring is delicious, and tastes just as good or better than any non-medicinal green apple gummy I’ve ever had.

There is a slight distillate aftertaste that I noticed after eating a couple of these gels, and they’re the first edible product I’ve been able to detect any cannabis or distillate taste in. Raw distillate usually has a bitter aftertaste, and I can slightly sense that in these TruGels. It isn’t at all enough to cause the taste to be unpleasant, but it was noticeable for me. I can possibly attribute this to the relatively low number of ingredients in this product vs. some of the other edibles I’ve seen.

Other than that, these things taste amazing, like a really good fruit-flavored candy – that gets you medicated.

Taste Rating: 8.50/10.00


Oral cannabis effects are different than inhalation by their very nature. They are very dose-dependent, and vary greatly from patient to patient based on individual tolerance. For an educational recap of oral cannabis effects, click here.

Edibles dosing chart, courtesy of Leafly.

My tolerance at the time of writing is what I’d consider to be in the moderate range for my personal spectrum of tolerance, so I started off with a 20mg dose (two gels). It took about an hour for the effects to become noticeable. I smoked earlier in the day, and just as the effects from that session were almost completely waned away, the edible effects made it seem like they started coming back again – an interesting sensation. I can certainly tell that the gels pack much more of a punch than Trulieve’s 1:1 brownies I recently tried, and I was still “cruising” them about 3 hours later.

For the sake of the review, I took another 10 mg about 45 minutes ago, and another 10 mg about 10 minutes ago. If you’re keeping count, that’s 40 mg THC grand total for my edible consumption today. At this dose, I can feel the effects becoming much heavier on the body and slightly more intense on the cerebral end of the effects spectrum. I think this is the highest dose I’d want to take at once for my current tolerance level; I’m getting to the point where I feel like being lazy and unproductive as I type this. This is consistent with my other recent experiences with edibles, where I’ve previously noted that the effects felt “sativa” or energetic in lower doses, and more “indica” or sedating in higher doses.

Dosing with edibles, for me, is taking a lot of time and experience to really nail down what my best dosages are – especially as my smoking tolerance can be dynamic itself, which adds more uncertainty to how hard an edible dose will hit me. I say this to tell any of you reading that may be like me, and not have much experience with edibles: as the old cliche goes, “start low and go slow”, especially with edibles. 10mg can be the difference in feeling nothing and being in the verge of a panic attack, so always keep that in mind when exploring this route of administration.

With all that being said, I’m really enjoying getting to know how these various edible products affect me, and I hope my accounts of these experience will prove useful to you all as well.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Minor to moderate aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Lack of motivation (in lower doses)
  • General relaxation/relief 
  • Relief of nausea and other gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Insomnia (especially in higher doses)

Effects Rating: 8.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 8.66/10.00

Trulieve’s Green Apple TruGels are best described as an “excellent” product.

The one negative thing that many will argue about this product is the cost-effectiveness – many patients know that they can buy a gram of distillate and make their own edibles for much less money per milligram. However, the convenience is what is valuable here, and we must keep in mind that not everyone has the means or desire to make their own edible products.

If for nothing else other than the novelty – I say give them a try! Based off this experience, I will definitely try other edible products from Trulieve in the future.

Hope you all have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, or night – whichever applies. Thanks for reading the review!

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3 thoughts on “Trulieve Edibles Review: TruGels (Green Apple)

  1. Excellent review! I enjoyed reading all the details. Cheers!


  2. Great review! Trying them for the 1st time!


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