GrowHealthy Flower Review: Queso Perro (Hybrid)

Queso Perro (Spanish for “Dog Cheese”) is a GrowHealthy original strain that has become a patient favorite within the past year.

This is one of the few “Cheese” lineage strains currently available in Florida’s medical cannabis program, and I have been eager to try it to see how it stacks up against all the other strains I’ve tried at this point.

What I’ve found is that I align with the masses on this one – Queso Perro is some high quality gas-type flower.

Quick Facts:

Queso Perro (Hybrid)

Price at time of review: $50/eighth

Lineage: Stardawg x U.K. Cheese

Batch/Harvest Number: F-060920-QSPO-1


THC: 24.13%

CBD: 0.00%

Total Cannabinoids: 24.13%









I got two eighths from two different batches just a couple of days apart because I was so impressed with the first eighth, pictured above. Both eighths contained beautiful nugs that show the high level of quality and care that I’ve come to expect from GrowHealthy, after a consistent string of positive experiences in the past three-ish months that they have been open in my area.

The cure here is nearly perfect, which seems to be the usual case with GrowHealthy’s flower. Executive management should do whatever they can to hold on to the current grow team, because they are absolutely killing it every time.

Queso Perro is beautiful, covered in a blanket of dusty light gold crystal trichomes, accented with rusty orange-brown pistils. Solid genetics and a high-quality, seemingly experienced grow team yield a nearly perfect batch of flower.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 8.60/10.00


While I was surprised that neither eighth of Queso Perro smelled particularly cheesy, make no mistake: this is a sharp, pungent, gassy, loud strain – in my opinion at least.

The smell in the jar is very hashy, with hints of diesel and spice, and maybe a faint hint of cheese in the background. (In my experience, GrowHealthy’s Rain Maker was much more cheesy than Queso Perro.)

When the nugs are pulled apart or broken/ground up, however, the true pungent odor of Queso Perro really shines through. It is one of the most “fuel” and funky strains I’ve found, right up there with Sour Diesel and others like it. There are subtle hints of sweet hash and spice present as well, but the funky fuel is the most dominant smell.

When I was younger and less experienced with cannabis, I equated more gassy, loud strains with higher potency. I know now that this isn’t always the case; however, the point I wanted to make is that Queso Perro reminds me a lot of those classic “dank strains” from years before.

I find the taste when smoked to be more musky and spicy; the Stardawg parent seems to come through more in this area.

This is a great, classic “loud” strain that almost any cannabis patient/consumer can enjoy.

Smell/Taste Rating: 8.00/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Queso Perro comes across as a sativa-dominant hybrid to me, seeming to lean heavy to the sativa side. I find the cerebral invigoration to be so pronounced that I actually use this strain most when I first wake up to get the day started, and then once again when I first get home from work in the evening. It is one of those hybrids that I feel could get away with being labeled as a sativa strain; however, the body relaxation is noticeable enough to justify the hybrid label.

I find this to be a very versatile, happy, uppity strain. Unintentionally, it has been the only daytime flower strain I’ve used since I got it. It does a great job of both lifting my depression and motivating me, with the relaxing aspects keeping it controlled enough to prevent anxiety and/or paranoia. Queso Perro seems suitable for use any time from early morning to early evening.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Minor to moderate aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Lack of motivation
  • General relaxation/relief 

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Everybody is different, and every body reacts differently to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 8.30/10.00

Overall Rating: 8.50/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Queso Perro as an “excellent” hybrid strain from GrowHealthy.

At this point, I would label Queso Perro and Wookie Girl as my 2 favorite strains from GrowHealthy, and amongst my favorite Florida strains of all time. This is one that I will have to keep in stock and pick up whenever it is available.

If you enjoy loud, funky strains – or strains that are happy and uplifting, I think Queso Perro is an excellent fit.

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5 thoughts on “GrowHealthy Flower Review: Queso Perro (Hybrid)

  1. James Michael Griesser September 3, 2020 — 3:26 pm

    Dud, im a 20 year grower. You have the most accurate strain review i have read yet please kee posting bro


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy documenting my experiences and helping others. Glad you got something out of the content


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