GrowHealthy Flower Review: Galactic Candy (Formerly Jilly Bean 5 – Sativa)

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GrowHealthy’s “Galactic Candy” (formery known as Jilly Bean 5) is a strain from MzJill Genetics that crosses a female Orange Velvet plant with a male Space Queen plant, for a candy-citrus sativa that is said to have both strong uplifting, and pain-relieving effects.

The strain has received overwhelmingly positive reviews in Florida, where it is grown by GrowHealthy. After initially passing over this strain in favor of other sativas from GrowHealthy, I decided to try it after seeing more and more positive feedback about it. In short, I’m glad I did. This is a noteworthy sativa strain, in my opinion.

What may come as a surprise to some patients is that there are actually multiple phenotypes of this strain circulating at GrowHealthy, as indicated by the number in the strain name. Have you gotten Jilly Bean on different occasions and noticed a significantly different smell, or even different effects from batch to batch? Chances are likely that you got two different phenotypes each time. And though GrowHealthy’s website doesn’t tell you which phenotype you’re getting (yet), their Leafly page does. Note that the linked page is for the GrowHealthy Orlando location, but each location has a separate page that shows their specific live inventory.

Update 06.02.2020: GrowHealthy carries different phenotypes of Jilly Bean. I discovered this when I bought another eighth and found it was “Jilly Bean 3“, while the strain reviewed here is “Jilly Bean 5”. A social media representative for GrowHealthy confirmed that the different numbers correspond to different phenotypes. This is not indicated in their online store at this time, however – but the phenotype is noted on GrowHealthy’s Leafly page.

Quick Facts:

Jilly Bean (Sativa) (Phenotype 5)

Price at time of review: $50/eighth 

Lineage: Orange Velvet x Space Queen

Batch/Harvest Number: F-042920-JLBN5-1


THC: 18.64%

CBD: 0.00%

Total Cannabinoids: 18.64%








I was highly impressed with this eighth of Galactic Candy. The nug pictured above weighs over 2 grams on its own, and there’s really nothing negative I can say about it. The cure is spot on; the trim is perfect, The moisture content is perfect (for my personal preference), and the flower itself is absolutely stunning.

You can see the ridiculous amount of trichomes on the flower, whose gold/amber color seems to indicate that the plant was allowed to fully mature, or at least mature more so than the current market average for Florida. The genetics seem to be really good to begin with, as these buds display a beautiful range of greens and golds, accented with flecks of violet and completed with a generou amount of vibrant burnt orange pistils.

This is one of the best-grown batches of flower I’ve seen, even for GrowHealthy, who seems to currently be a standard above all the other MMTCs I’ve tried with the quality of their flower. There are so many trichomes that I can easily see the fully developed bulbous heads with my naked eye.

The 2+ gram nug pictured above is all that I have left from this eighth now, and I think I will hide it from myself for a while. Outstanding grow, cure, genetics – the whole package.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 9.00/10.00


I can definitely detect the terpinolene and terpineol in Galactic Candy almost immediately. It is one of the most distinct terpenes I’ve come across. Other notable terpinolene and/or terpineol strains I’ve tried include Jack Herer, Space Bomb, Super Silver Haze, and Fluent’s “Odra” (OG Kush). Of these strains, Galactic Candy’s terpenes probably remind me the most of Jack Herer.

However, there’s much more to the overall terpene profile of Galactic Candy. It all comes together to produce a smell that reminds me of candied grapefruit. There is an almost even balance of a sweet/candy-like smell, and a strong bitter orange or grapefruit citrus. There also seems to be an underlying hint of funk beneath it all, which I will guess can be attributed to the myrcene in the terpene profile.

The taste is very similar to the smell when smoked: candy grapefruit/bitter citrus; however, the taste also has a co-dominant taste of spices as well.

Overall, Galactic Candy has a very unique and enjoyable terpene profile.

Smell/Taste Rating: 8.00/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Galactic Candy has all of the good qualities I look for in a daytime, or “sativa” strain. It is energetic, and it is motivating. It is uplifting, and it has a very mild body relaxation to round it all off. When I took my first hit of it this morning, I really felt it in my forehead and behind my eyes. While being highly energetic and motivating, I do not find it to be racy or anxiety-inducing.

In some ways, the effects remind me of Jack Herer’s, though I think Galactic Candy is more euphoric and perception-altering when compared to the laser-focus of the Jack.

I find this to be good for being productive, and generally enjoying the task at hand. While I was initially scatterbrained and unfocused earlier this morning, the combination of Galactic Candy and some caffeine has helped me overcome that “wall” and immerse myself into productivity. This is great daytime medicine, and I personally find it best to use in the morning or afternoon.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression
  • ADD/ADHD or focus-related issues
  • Lack of motivation
  • Improves concentration and memory recall
  • Increases energy/alertness, in a way almost similar to caffeine 
  • Minor aches and pains
  • Minor gastrointestinal issues
  • General mild relaxation

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Everybody is different, and every body reacts differently to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 8.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 8.33/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Galactic Candy as an “excellent” sativa strain from GrowHealthy.

A combination of good genetics, a good grow with apparent love & care for the plant, and a good cure all come together to make for an exceptional batch of medicinal cannabis. This is a strain I will definitely get again in the future. Patients looking for well-rounded sativa effects, good genetics, or any combination of the two should try this strain at least once, in my opinion. It’s in my top 10 sativa strains for sure!

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