Trulieve/Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower Review: Crown Chakra (Sativa)

Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis have been partnered for quite some time now. You may have tried one of their TruPod distillate vape cart strains, which include custom strains like Sunshine Kush and Afghan Moon, to name a couple.

Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis released a limited run of half gram prerolls, but this is the first time they’ve dropped a whole flower product, and they did it in a huge way – 11 strains of their flower collaboration dropped on Sunday, 04.19.2020. I was able to pick up 3 strains: this Crown Chakra, Crippy x Purple Thai, and Mycene Queen.

All 3 batches of flower are amongst the best quality I’ve ever received from Trulieve, and hopefully represent a further increase in the quality of their flower moving forward. My sentiments are not alone: I’ve seen dozens of fellow patients raving about their Sunshine flower on social media.

Quick Facts:

Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis’ websites each offer this description of Crown Chakra:

An exotic totally purple Sativa pheno expression of the unicorn line-up with a diverse genetic background including Sour Diesel, the original Widow, Blackberry, and an unknown mystery Sativa along with several other legendary strains in this complex polyhybrid cultivar exclusive to Sunshine Cannabis & Trulieve. Chosen from a large population after very careful terpene testing and selection, this unique and quite rare Sativa phenotype has a one of a kind & highly unusual sweet lavender, citrus candy & hippy incense like aroma, with some slight earthy cocoa notes in the background. A pungent diesel gas aroma is found when the incredibly colorful purple buds are broken up. Unlike anything else you may have seen or smelled before this rare all purple Sativa flower has strikingly beautiful long spears of trichome laden buds with contrasting bright orange hairs. The taste is very much like the exotic sweet aroma and the effects are exceedingly blissful, zen, & cerebral with a truly bright clear effect of the highest vibrations. Experience a marked reduction of stress and anxiety that is very functional, high clarity. The Crown Chakra was named for it’s vivid purple color and mind-expanding Sativa effects that are seemingly centered at the Crown Chakra. Elevate your higher senses with this mystical all purple medical Sativa strain.

Sunshine Cannabis website; Strains Page

Crown Chakra (Hybrid)

Price at time of review: $48/eighth 

Lineage: Proprietary; “Poly-hybrid” cross of Sour Diesel, Original Widow, Blackberry, “Unknown Mystery Sativa”

Batch/Harvest Number: DUFL-BLD-S-20-PK-1


THC: 15.1%

CBD: 0.0%

THCV: 0.1%

CBG: 0.6%

Total Cannabinoids: 15.8%


“*” denotes the two dominant terpenes in this strain

Beta-Pinene: 0.387%

Trans-Carophyllene: 0.221%

*R-Limonene: 0.504%

*Alpha Pinene: 0.962%

Total Terpenes: 2.074%


Crown Chakra is an absolutely beautiful strain, named for the crown chakra that is part of many meditative beliefs and studies. Depending on the version of meditative study you may use, the crown chakra is often represented as either violet purple or pure white light. The color of this flower surely matches the former; in fact, it’s what I would call a “fiery purple” color – it has a reddish or even magenta tint to it.

Not only do the genetics of this flower seem to produce an amazing looking phenotype, but it appears that Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis cured it to near perfection, and brought out almost all of its potential.

The flower is among the stickiest I’ve ever gotten from Trulieve. Until now, their Paradise Waits had been the best cured flower I’d seen from them, but this Crown Chakra takes that position now. It’s so sticky that it has trouble coming off my fingers, and seems to give my grinder (which is usually flawless) a bit of trouble. I wonder if this bud would have been even more amazing if it would have been dried just a little longer?

The trim and overall appearance and cure are top tier. This is some of the best flower that Trulieve has brought to the market.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 8.95/10.00


This strain has a smell unlike anything else I’ve gotten in Florida. Most of the time, each new strain I try can at least be put into a “family” with a few strains that have similar attributes to their smell and taste. This Crown Chakra, however, is completely different than anything else – and the terpene report shows us why.

Oddly enough, this is one of the only strains I’ve found that has no myrcene in it – zero. Myrcene is such a common cannabis terpene – often dominant, or at least present in most strains. But there’s none here. Instead, pinene and limonene dominate the terpene profile here, and it is evident – the pine is powerful.

Sunshine Cannabis actually describes the smell pretty well, in their strain description above. Again:

“…has a one of a kind & highly unusual sweet lavender, citrus candy & hippy incense like aroma, with some slight earthy cocoa notes in the background.”

This pretty much hits the nail on the head. Pine and incense are the two strongest associations for me, and they are the two strongest tastes as well. (Tasting incense is odddly pleasant in this case?)

Props for the hard-to-pull-off feat of a truly unique terpene profile; well done!

Smell/Taste Rating: 7.50/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

My experience with this strain is a good example of why we shouldn’t base our expectations solely off the THC percentage. Many less experienced patients may take a look at the ~15% THC and scoff, or even pass this option over because of it. That would be a mistake, though, because Crown Chakra still packs a strong cerebral punch.

The feelings from this sativa-dominant hybrid are very warm, fuzzy, and euphoric. I feel no anxiety from this strain; in fact, it’s another strain that closely replicates some of my first experiences with cannabis as a teenager, when I would just laugh a lot and get the fierce munchies. I am able to stay both motivated and creative on this strain as it lifts away my depression, which is exactly what I look for in sativa and sativa-dominant hybrid strains.

Crown Chakra is a good strain to use any time from early morning to late evening. It’s not too racy or speedy, but also not sedating at all. There is a mild body relaxation that begins to set in as the effects progress, but this strain feels mostly sativa.

For some reason, this is how I imagine the best cannabis in the 1970s might have felt? That’s a totally off-the-wall thought that came to me a couple of times when medicating with Crown Chakra. I can’t say that any other strain has ever made me think that – ha!

Possibly good for treating:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • General enjoyment of life/activities
  • Minor to moderate aches and pains
  • Minor to moderate nausea/gastrointestinal issues
  • General Relaxation 
  • Motivation Issues
  • May stimulate creativity

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Everybody is different, and every body reacts differently to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 6.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 7.48/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Crown Chakra as a “good” sativa strain from Trulieve and Sunshine Cannabis.

For Trulieve, this combination of favorable genetics and next-level quality execution of the grow really changes the game. If they can turn out all their strains like this, and continue to deliver more batches of the Sunshine Cannabis strains, they could be a true contender for having some of the best medical flower in the state.

I think this release is really a huge move for Sunshine Cannabis as well. A lot more people are going to be talking about them now. I’ll definitely be back to try the other 8 flower strains they offer in the future. If they’re all like this, I absolutely want more.

Many more reviews are coming soon – especially as I find myself at home nearly 24/7 during this COVID-19 pandemic – so stay tuned!

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5 thoughts on “Trulieve/Sunshine Cannabis TruFlower Review: Crown Chakra (Sativa)

  1. Tried the Afghan triangle. It is also very well cured and just all around a fuller bud. An indica strain At 21 percent thc. Seems the growers with sunshine are alot better than those before. one bone to pick, 48 an eighth is ridiculous, for any pot. They can and should do better.. IMO


    1. Correction…

      *19.6 percent thc content


  2. I picked up some Sunshine Cannabis flower for the big 420 drop. Only thing I am pissed off about is that I didn’t buy more of it. Best weed I have smoked in Florida, possibly anywhere. The terps tho!


    1. It’s definitely some of the best I’ve gotten. It rivals GrowHealthy flower IMO. Terps are amazing on all 3 strains I got. Unique and full


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