MÜV Püre Cartridge Review: Maui Wowie (Sativa)

MÜV’s “Pure” line of cartridges are distillate-based concentrate vapes that use a CCell variant with a more open-style mouthpiece to produce large, quality draws of vapor.

Maui Wowie (often styled “Maui Waui”) is a landrace sativa that is said to originate from the volcanic soil of Maui. I really enjoy both the Pure cartridge and the Maui Waui strain itself, and felt it was an excellent first strain to try from this product line after reading much hype about it on the Florida Medical Trees subreddit.

(Full disclosure: I am one of the moderators of the aforementioned subreddit community. I do highly recommend all my readers join this community if they haven’t already; it is an excellent source of knowledge.)

Quick Facts:

Maui Wowie
I forgot to take a picture of my cart before I vaped it all (it was that good), so here’s the stock image from MÜV’s website.

Maui Waui – Sativa

Price at time of review: $50/0.5g cart

Lineage: Landrace strain

~80.0% THC

~0.33% CBD

~80.33% Total Cannabinoids


MÜV offers the following description of their Maui Wowie cart on their website:

Like a fresh basket of tropical fruit, these exotic terpenes will awaken your senses and melt away stress.

MÜV product page for Maui Wowie Pure cartridge

I find this description to be accurate. You can imagine just about any tropical fruit and find it in this terpene profile: pineapple, mango, even banana. It does, in fact, taste like a fresh basket of tropical fruit. It also reminds me of the smell when you first open a bottle of any tropical-flavored soda.

MÜV says that this particular cartridge uses a blend of both cannabis and plant-derived terpenes. I always prefer pure cannabis-derived terpenes in cannabis vape carts, but this Maui Wowie cart does manage to taste very good and still feel like cannabis “should” feel.

Taste Rating: 4.20/5.00

Vapor and Product Quality

MÜV’s Pure vape pens come packaged in a stylish and colorful cardboard box, as seen in the image above.

The cartridge itself is a CCell cart with a wider, more open mouthpiece than what I’ve typically seen from other vape pens in Florida. To use this type of cartridge, you can attach it to any 510-thread vaporizer pen; MÜV offers their own branded 510-thread battery in all of their dispensaries, and it obviously will fit this cart.

The cart draws very well and produces big, quality hits. I never had any clogging issues with this cartridge.

Vapor/Product Quality Rating: 4.50/5.00


Maui Wowie is a very relaxing sativa, and it strongly reminds me of another landrace sativa I enjoyed very much: Colombian Gold. (Bring it back, Trulieve!)

Fittingly, this is a perfect strain to use for a day out on the beach, and I often used it for exactly that.


This was a good day, about a week before COVID-19 social distancing began in Florida. My family was already practicing it at the time anyway – we had a large portion of this beach all to ourselves, and it was great.

This is a great strain to use anytime from morning to early evening. It’s not a paranoid, speedy, or racy sativa. Very relaxing, and a bit creativity-inducing – artistic cannabis users will really enjoy Maui Wowie while working on their various projects. Cerebral stimulation and visual invigoration gradually fade into a gentle full-body relaxation throughout the duration of the effects.

However, my absolute favorite to do with this Maui Wowie cart, is to be doing something on the beach. Let’s hope everyone does their part with social distancing measures and the COVID-19 pandemic is defeated relatively soon, so we all can get back to enjoying strains like this on the beautiful beaches we call home.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Minor to moderate aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Lack of motivation/creativity
  • General relaxation/relief 

Effects Rating: 4.40/5.00

Overall Rating: 4.36/5.00

MÜV’s Maui Wowie Pure cart is best described as an “excellent” product.

I’m very impressed with my first product from MÜV’s “Pure” vape cart line, and look forward to trying other strains in the future. I absolutely recommend this product to patients looking for a perfect strain for outdoor activities, or for patients looking for a strain to lift their depression and boost their creativity and motivation. $50 is in the mid to upper price range for vape carts in Florida, but I do feel the quality matches the price tag relative to the rest of the Florida industry.

Hope you all have a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening, or night – whichever applies. Thanks for reading the review!

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Truly hope it helps you – we are here for you!


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