Trulieve & Blue River Rosin Review: Skywalker (Indica)

Earlier in 2019, Trulieve announced its partnership with California-based cannabis extract company Blue River. The first (and currently only) product available as a result of that partnership is their rosin product. For readers who aren’t familiar with what rosin is, it is a solventless extract. This means that rather than created with ethanol or CO2-based extraction methods, the creation of rosin relies of putting cannabis flower under high amounts of heat and/or pressure to create the extract. What results is a more pure, higher quality extract than concentrates like distillate, shatter, or crumble.

This Skywalker rosin is my first time trying this form of extract; I really enjoyed the flower form of this strain (review here), so I was interested to see how it would carry over to its rosin form.

Quick Facts:

Skywalker (Indica)

Price at time of review: $75/gram

Lineage: Mazar x Blueberry

Batch/Harvest Number: BCHOROS1GI20PK1


THCA: 83.4%

THC: 1.9%

CBD: 0.0%

THCV: 0.5%

CBG: 2.0%

Total Cannabinoids: 87.8%


Alpha-Bisabolol: 0.112%

Beta-Myrcene: 2.649%

Cis-Nerolidol: 0.159%

Linalool: 0.641%

Terpineol: 0.287%

Trans-Carophyllene: 1.42%

R-Limonene: 1.49%

Alpha-Cedrene: 0.166%

Alpha-Pinene: 0.194%

Beta-Pinene: 0.249%

Fenchol: 0.399%

Alpha-Humulene: 0.373%

Carophyllene Oxide: 0.379%

Total Terpenes: 8.518%


This batch of Skywalker rosin is very stable, and is nearly completely solid. Some of the first batches of Trulieve/Blue River’s rosin were runny and watery, and did not have the typical consistency expected of rosin. A couple months into production, they announced that a new rosin press had been purchased to make the “Rosin 2.0”, and the difference soon became apparent in subsequent batches.

This is a high quality, stable batch of rosin, and it is fairly easy to work with when dabbing. I was impressed with it.

Appearance/Quality Rating: 4.50/5.00


Skywalker Rosin smells and tastes much like the flower form of this strain. There is a dank, gassy and earthy smell that seems to be the dominate set of terpenes, with sweet fruit and berry notes present as well, likely from the Blueberry parent strain. Rosin doesn’t seem to have quite as pungent of a smell when compared to crumble, but it has much more of a smell than shatter, and smells much like the flower form of the strain based off my experience with this Skywalker rosin.

When vaped in Trulieve’s rebranded Yocan concentrate pen, the taste of this rosin is absolutely amazing. This is hands down once of the tastiest cannabis products I’ve ever had; the terpenes are over 8%, and that really comes through in the rich, full taste of this concentrate. The sweet, fruity terpenes seem to be the dominant ones in the taste profile, but the earthy and gassy/skunky tastes are still noticeable.

If you’re a fan of flavorful cannabis products, this is something you have to try.

Smell/Taste Rating: 4.70/5.00

Effects/Medical Use

I found Skywalker flower to be sort of “middle of the road” in terms of being either a functional or sedating indica, and that is true with the rosin form as well. This isn’t a strain that’s absolutely going to knock you out, but it is not the most energizing or functional indica strain I’ve tried, either.

There is a cerebral invigoration component to the first half hour or so of the effects; however, full-body relaxation begins creeping in around the 10 minute mark, and becomes more prominent as time passes. This is a great strain for winding down after a busy day, but it remains functional enough that you can still complete some tasks – I’m writing this review after a fairly large dab of the Skywalker rosin.

I find my experience with the rosin form of Skywalker to be more body-focused and relaxing than the flower form. After doing some research on rosin, I think this may be a commonly noted aspect of rosin in general – the effects of strains are typically more relaxed than the effects from their full flower counterparts. The effects of this Skywalker rosin are certainly “clean” and have a high-quality feel to them.

Skywalker rosin’s effects, in my experience, are similar to another popular indica strain, though in flower form: Grandaddy Purple. Again, this wouldn’t be my first choice for treating insomnia, but it’s not necessarily a strain I’d choose to medicate first thing in the morning, either. It’s a fairly balanced indica strain that I personally find best suited for use in the late afternoon and early evening.

Possibly good for treating

  • Relief of moderate skeletal/muscular aches and pains
  • Relief of minor to moderate nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Insomnia (especially in higher doses)
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • General relaxation

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Every body is different, and every body reacts different to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 4.30/5.00

Overall Rating: 4.50/5.00

Overall, I would best describe this batch of Skywalker Rosin as an “excellent quality” product from Trulieve.

At $75 per gram, rosin is a product that I personally save for sales and special occasions, as I find that flower and other lower-priced concentrates are usually just as good from a medical perspective. However, if you’re in Florida looking for a truly top-shelf product from our industry’s current offerings, I would definitely say this makes a good choice.

I am thankful for the fact that options like this rosin from Trulieve & Blue River are now available. The Florida medical marijuana industry has come so far from this time a year ago, and I look forward to even more great products to review in 2020!

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