Trulieve TruFlower Review: Space Bomb (Hybrid)

Space Bomb has been available at Trulieve a couple of times since Summer 2018, though this is one of their more “rare” strains that has been almost completely absent from being available in flower form for several months at a time.

Space Bomb finally made its full-flower appearance in late August 2019, and I was eager to pick up an eighth of this powerful cerebral hybrid, after hearing many positive comments about it.

Quick Facts:

Space Bomb (Hyrbid)

Price at time of review: $43/eighth 

Lineage: Space Queen x Tiny Bomb

Batch/Harvest Number: DUFL-BLD-H-42-PK-1


THC: 20.2%

CBD: 0.0%

THCV: 0.2%

CBG: 0.8%

Total Cannabinoids: 21.2%


“*” denotes the two dominant terpenes in this strain

Beta-Myrcene: 0.2520%

*Trans-Carophyllene: 0.2600%

Guaiol: 0.1300%

*Terpinolene: 0.4720%

Total Terpenes: 1.1140%


This batch of Space Bomb was grown and cured very nicely, as most all flower batches from Trulieve have been for the past several months. Colors range from medium to light green, and every bud seems to be covered in a generous blanket of orange pistils. There are also plenty of golden trichomes to be seen; I didn’t even need a flashlight to see some of the crystals on these buds.

Each bud is fairly sticky and dense, and the moisture content is again nearly perfect here – not so sticky that your grinder will be clogged, but not dry by any means. Trulieve has improved their flower game to the point that they are often being mentioned in many patients’ “Top 3” Florida dispensary flower rankings, and this eighth of Space Bomb proved to be another great example of their consistently high-quality flower.

Appearance/Cure Rating: 5.90/10.00


Space Bomb has a very sweet smell, with underlying hints of rose-like flower and pine. Leafly offered the following brief description of Space Bomb’s smell, which I found to be accurate as well:

Buds have a fruit candy smell with a little bit of that sweet-rot smell […]

I believe the unique and pleasant sweet/floral smell of Space Bomb can be attributed to some of the less-common terpenes that dominate its profile. According to a Leafly article, Terpinolene is one of the least common terpenes in cannabis, but it is the dominant terpene in Space Bomb; Terpinolene is described as having a complex, piney, floral, even citrus smell – so this makes sense.

This is the first strain I’ve seen with a significant concentration of Guaiol, which is described as being piney with woodsy and floral undertones – again, accurate for my experience with Space Bomb.

When smoked, Space Bomb has “clean” and “fresh” floral tastes. I enjoy both the smell and taste of this strain, personally.

Smell/Taste Rating: 6.50/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Space Bomb definitely feels like a sativa-dominant hybrid to me; if I had to put a number to it, I would say this is a 65/35 sativa-dominant strain.

The effects are immediately cerebral, and on my first couple of times trying to medicate with this strain, those powerful cerebral effects led to a very introspective state of mind. This could definitely be beneficial for patients looking to change their outlook and state of mind (for conditions such as depression), but patients who tend to feel a lot of anxiety from these strains should exercise caution and start off with very light doses, until the effects are familiar and easier to navigate.

After 15-20 minutes, the typical warm-body indica sensations start to fade in, but they never become too heavy – just enough to be relaxing. For this reason, I find Space Bomb to be good for use at almost any time of the day, except perhaps before bed, as this strain tends to stimulate the mind. It is a good strain for creativity and some degree of motivation, though, so the ideal time for use may be morning to early afternoon.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Lack of energy/motivation 
  • Depression
  • Lack of appetite
  • Minor headaches
  • Relief of minor skeletal/muscular aches and pains
  • Good for general relaxation
  • Good for creativity

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Every body is different, and every body reacts different to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 5.00/10.00

Overall Rating: 5.80/10.00

Overall, I would best describe Space Bomb as a “slightly above average” hybrid strain from Trulieve.

At $43/eighth, I would definitely consider purchasing this strain again in the future. I would absolutely recommend each patient to try it at least once – perhaps it will become more commonly available in the future, because I definitely see it being a potential favorite hybrid strain for many patients.

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