Fluent Cannabis Flower Review: “Subra” (Sour Diesel – Sativa)

For those who aren’t already aware, Fluent Cannabis Care is the same Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) as the formerly-branded Knox Medical.

Knox/Fluent rebranded themselves around the same time that SB182 was passed and smokable medical cannabis became legal to purchase at Florida dispensaries. Fluent eventually released their whole flower product in May 2019, with “Polaris” (Grandaddy Purple) as their first strain, followed by “Lyra” (Sweet Kush), and now “Subra” (Sour Diesel).

I don’t think Sour Diesel needs much of an introduction for most of my readers, as this strain has been a staple of cannabis culture since the 1990’s. Many medical cannabis patients value the strain for its energizing sativa effects, which are known for relieving depression and pain for some patients.

Fluent describes their Sour Diesel genetics as an 80/20% sativa-dominant hybrid. After having tried Trulieve’s Sour Diesel flower a couple of times late last year (review here), I was really excited to try another MMTC’s version of this wonderful sativa strain. Fluent did a fantastic job with this batch, and have made a wonderful first impression on me, as this was my first time trying their products.

Quick Facts:

“Subra” (Sour Diesel – Sativa)

Price at time of review: $50/eighth 

Lineage: Chemdog 91 x Super Skunk

Batch/Harvest Number: 6528108827693818

702.065 mg THC/3.5g

0.027 mg CBD/3.5g

20.059% THC

0.078% CBD

20.137% Total Cannabinoids


As I often remind my audience, my location in the Panhandle (almost exactly at the midpoint of Tallahassee to Pensacola) means that my options for flower are very limited, and of those options, Trulieve is the only one who consistently keeps flower in stock – hence the abundance of Trulieve flower reviews.

This was my first time to finally get to try flower from another MMTC, and Fluent has truly impressed me with this batch of Sour Diesel. With only Trulieve as a reference point for Florida medical cannabis flower, this batch of flower from Fluent is just as good (or arguably better) than the best batches of flower I’ve gotten from Trulieve. This is some sticky herb, that really seems to have been cured and trimmed well. Very high quality buds.

I bought 2 eighths, and found that both jars consisted of one large bud (each was around 2 grams), and several smaller buds. One eighth weighed 3.8, while the other was right on the nose at 3.5 grams.

The large buds from each eighth are pictured above. As you can see, these are nice, chunky buds that were surprisingly dense for a sativa strain. Medium and deep greens are covered with an abundance of trichomes and burnt orange/pink pistils.

There aren’t really any negative things to say about this cure. I don’t typically rate products high in any category unless they truly impress me, but this cut of Fluent’s Subra has done just that.

Rating: 7.60/10.00


The Sour Diesel flower batches that I’ve gotten from Trulieve always had a nearly equal mix of skunky/diesel terpenes and citrus terpenes.

Fluent’s genetics must be slightly different, because this stuff smells like straight gasoline when broken down. Instead of having fruity or citrus terpenes present with the diesel, this batch has more earthy, almost woody terpenes that accompany the pungent, skunky odor that the strain is named for.

My one gripe with this batch of flower is that the smell in the jar isn’t quite as strong as I would expect from Sour Diesel. To really get a feel for the terpene profile, I had to either tug around at the buds, or just grind it up to release the terpenes. I don’t know enough about the growing and curing process at this point to say if anything that Fluent did in-house was a contributing factor to this slight lack of scent, but it is the one thing that prevents this flower from attaining a high rating in this category.

Fluent doesn’t apply the foil seals to the top of their flower jars like Trulieve, so 7 grams of this stuff did cause my vehicle to smell quite strongly of cannabis during the ride back home, to the point that I was a bit hyper-aware of it. That goes to say that it does have a strong scent, but I think it should hit me in the face a little bit more as soon as I open the jar, rather than having to be broken apart to really appreciate the terpenes.

Rating: 6.90/10.00

Effects/Medical Use

Of all the strains of flower that I’ve tried up to this point, Sour Diesel definitely has the most energetic effects of any of them. This is one thing that I found to be consistent between Trulieve’s Sour Diesel flower and Fluent’s version.

Immediately after taking my first hit (smoked), I feel the effects of this strain begin to set in to my head and behind the eyes. Colors become enhanced, and my overall vision seems sharper. Thoughts begin to flow, and energy and motivation begin to set in about 5-10 minutes after the first hit.

I always find Sour Diesel to be a great relief for my depression; in fact, I would say this strain is one of the best mood boosting ones that I’ve come across.

I found Fluent’s cut of Sour Diesel to be a little less “racy” than both Trulieve’s flower and crumble versions of this strain, and to also have a very slight effect of relaxing the body – not at all sedating or couch-locking, however.

Overall, this batch of flower gave me exactly the effects I’ve come to expect from this strain. It’s great medicine, and one of my favorite sativas. I will be back for more in the future – but I do think the price should come down, at least to $40/eighth.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression and related anxiety 
  • ADD/ADHD or focus-related issues
  • Lack of motivation
  • Improves concentration and memory recall
  • Increases energy/alertness, in a way almost similar to caffeine 
  • Relief of minor aches and pains

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Every body is different, and every body reacts different to various medications. 

Rating: 7.90/10.00

Overall Rating: 7.46/10.00

Overall, I would best describe this batch of Sour Diesel flower from Fluent Cannabis as “very good”.

If this is an indicator of the overall quality to expect from Fluent’s whole cannabis flower product line, I will definitely be back to try their other strains. From the beginning of the experience to the end result of trying this flower, I have been completely impressed with Fluent.

I would absolutely recommend this product to other patients, especially ones who appreciate sativa strains and Sour Diesel in particular.  

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4 thoughts on “Fluent Cannabis Flower Review: “Subra” (Sour Diesel – Sativa)

  1. That’s crazy I read most of your reviews, little did I know we live in the same exact area. I live in fort walton beach and work in destin so this is awesome, we may go to the same fluent? Unless you goto the panama city one. Anyway, thanks for your detailed reviews with pictures I love it.


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