Trulieve TruCRMBL Review: Green Crack (Sativa)

Green Crack is now the first strain that I’ve tried in multiple forms from Trulieve: first the CO2 vape cart, then flower, and now in crumble concentrate form. It’s been interesting to see how the different forms of the same strain compare to each other, but I can say one thing with certainty now: Green Crack is one of my top 3 favorite sativa strains, and has proved to have consistent taste and medicinal effects from the 3 different forms I have tried.

Another thing I can say with certainty: Green Crack, in my experience, is not an accurate name for this strain. I’ve found several other sativa strains that have more stimulating and “speedy” effects; I would say that Green Crack works more like an 80/20% sativa-dominant hybrid for me, similar to Colombian Gold.

Quick Facts:

Green Crack (Sativa)

Lineage: Skunk # 1 x ?

Batch/Harvest Number: PR190305F

773.0 mg THC/1g

0.0 mg CBD/1g

77.3% THC 

0.00% CBD

8.50% CBG

85.8% Total Cannabinoids


This batch of crumble had a few variations among its different pieces. Some pieces were lighter in color and harder in texture, others were slightly darker in color and soft in texture, and some were somewhere in between the two. I also noticed a few small black flecks in a few pieces; I assume this to be an artifact of some sort left over from the production process. The black flecks are the one factor that kept me from giving this product a higher score in this category.

Other than those inconsistencies (which are more cosmetic/aesthetic for me rather than being detrimental to the product’s medicinal value), this is another nicely produced batch of crumble from Trulieve. A flashlight reveals each piece is absolutely covered in sparkling cannabinoid crystals. Well done!

Appearance Rating: 4.00/5.00


Green Crack has proven pretty much entirely consistent in this category across all forms of medication. When I took the first puff out of Trulieve’s (R)Evolve concentrate pen, I was actually quite surprised at how close the vaporized crumble tasted in comparison to the CO2 vape cart that I’d tried a few months back. The main difference was that the crumble was obviously more flavorful; I made a comment about not being able to notice much, if any citrus terpene taste in the CO2 vape cart. That is not the case with the Green Crack Crumble; like its flower form, the taste is predominated by sweet citrus terpenes, and accentuated with herbal and earthy undertones. This strain is always enjoyable in the smell/taste category.

Smell/Taste Rating: 4.20/5.00

Effects/Medical Use

As I’ve said before, Green Crack is by no means the most stimulating or energizing sativa strain that I’ve tried. It does provide an energized and motivated focus, but there’s also a calming and relaxing quality as well, which is why I’ve said on many occasions that I find Green Crack to behave more like a sativa-dominant hybrid than a pure sativa.

That being said, I really enjoy Green Crack for this reason, as I find more versatility in the time of day I am able to medicate with it. Energizing, “speedy” sativa strains like Jack Herer and Sour Diesel tend to be most enjoyable for me personally when used early in the morning, or before setting out to complete a complex or lengthy task. In contrast, Green Crack is great in the morning, afternoon, and even the early evening hours; this is not a strain that keeps me “up” and energized for several hours after consumption. In fact, I find the comedown from Green Crack to be relaxing and soothing, and often use it in the early evening when I get home from work – as I would with most any hybrid strain.

This is a well rounded strain. Sativa enthusiasts will enjoy it, but it’s also suitable for patients who want to try a sativa without as much risk of experiencing sativa-induced anxiety or other undesirable side effects.

Possibly good for treating:

  • Depression and related anxiety 
  • Lack of motivation
  • Good for general relaxation
  • ADHD/ADD symptoms
  • Relief of minor aches and pains

I’m definitely no medical doctor, so please take the preceding conditions only as my own personal observations from using this strain and having experience with a multitude of different cannabis strains. Every body is different, and every body reacts different to various medications. 

Effects Rating: 4.30/5.00

Overall Rating: 4.17/5.00

Overall, I would best describe Green Crack as an “excellent” strain.

Green Crack has consistently performed well in treating my depression, anxiety, and mild ADD. It’s a strain that I’ve enjoyed as a vape cart, in flower, and now in crumble form. This is definitely a strain that I consider to be one of my main lines of medication, and it’s a strain that I will continually purchase again in the future. If you’re looking for a well-rounded strain to relieve your depression and anxiety without giving you “too much” of a speedy boost, I’d (somewhat ironically) highly recommend Green Crack. 

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