Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 03.24.2019 Update – Curaleaf becomes second Florida Cannabis Company to offer smokable flower; 4 more MMTCs to follow

The momentum of the Florida medical cannabis industry has exponentially increased since Governor Ron Desantis signed sB 182 into law on 03.18.2019.

3 days later, Trulieve became the first Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) in the State of Florida to offer smokable flower to medical cannabis patients.

Another 3 days have passed, and now the second MMTC in the State of Florida – Curaleaf – has announced that their smokable flower product is in stock at select dispensaries throughout the state.

Predator Pink flower from Curaleaf Florida

The first (and currently only) smokable flower strain available from Curaleaf Florida is Predator Pink, a 60/40% indica-dominant hybrid known for its “tropical candy” flavor. The current price is $47/eighth. Curaleaf’s product page for Predator Pink lists the strain at 614mg of THC, or 17.5%.

Recap of smokable strains currently available at Trulieve

Since our last update, Trulieve introduced Bubble Gum as its 4th smokable flower strain.

The four strains currently available as of the time of writing:

Lemon OG: $33/eighth

Bubble Gum: $43/eighth

TruBerry OG: $43/eighth

LA Confidential: $53/eighth

6 MMTCs are now licensed to sell smokable cannabis flower

They are:

  • Trulieve
  • Curaleaf
  • Liberty Health Sciences
  • VidaCann
  • AltMed Florida (MUV)
  • GrowHealthy

We expect the next couple of months to be extremely eventful as the other MMTCs introduce their flower products, and the MMTCs currently offering smokable flower continue to grow and release a larger variety of strains.

Closing Thoughts
The growth of the Florida cannabis market is about to explode at an unprecedented rate. Now that the flower has finally been freed, we expect a larger variety of medication to become available, which eventually leads to wider accessibility – and lower prices. With several strains now available at $33/eighth, we are in a much better position price-wise than we were a month ago. My guess is that prices (at least for flower) will continue to come down across the board, and we may even see our first sub-$30 eighths within the next few months. It’s a great time to be a medical cannabis patient in Florida.

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