Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 03.21.2019 Update – Smokable Flower now available from Trulieve!

Hello there, everyone! Hope the day is going well for all of you. Regardless if it is going well, or not so well – this bit of news should make it at least a little better.

Admittedly, I didn’t think it would come so soon, but here we are:

Smokable Cannabis is now available in Florida!

I opened my emails this morning to find quite the surprise for Trulieve: they are already selling raw smokable cannabis flower in the opaque white bags, as designated by the language of SB 182.

What Patients Need to Know 

Smokable TruFlower is now available at all Trulieve locations for qualified Florida patients!  There are a few steps you’ll need to take with your physician before you can purchase.

  1. Patients will need to contact their physicians to find out if they qualify for smokable cannabis
  2. They will need to visit their physician and sign a smoking consent form 
  3. Physicians will need to note patient’s Office Of Medical Marijuana Use registry profile that they are allowed to purchase cannabis for smoking

Once you have met with your physician and are approved you may purchase TruFlower for smoking.  For patients who are not qualified to consume smokable TruFlower we still offer TruFlower cups for vaporization!

Naturally, this announcement has created waves on social media. From all accounts, it appears that Trulieve is ahead of most all medical cannabis doctors; several patients contacted their MMJ doctors to add a smoking recommendation, only to be told that the guidelines and processes weren’t in place yet. However, considering the first smokable Truflower was sold to a patient in Tallahassee today (source: Trulieve Instagram), it seems that at least one doctor in Florida has their process in place.

My personal MMJ doctor (affiliated through MMTC Florida) advised that the office would be sending out an email within the next week that details the process for acquiring the smoking recommendation. Until then, I will have to rely on some of you guys who are lucky enough to get the recommendation added before I do!

TruFlower white box
Opaque bags used to store and transport smokable TruFlower
One of our Twitter followers was lucky enough to get their hands on an eighth of LA Confidential this morning!

There are currently three smokable TruFlower strains available for purchase at Trulieve – you can check them on the site. They are:

LA Confidential (Indica) –$53/eighth

TruBerry OG (Hybrid) –$43/eighth

Lemon OG (Hybrid) –$33/eighth

Important Note: All flower must be stored and transported in the original (Trulieve) smokable flower bag/container as pictured above, per SB 182 language.

Price cuts to TruFlower Vape Cups

Another very positive development in the past week has been the reduction of price of the TruFlower Vape Cups, which will still be available for patients who aren’t able to obtain a smoking recommendation. You can see the prices for yourself on Trulieve’s TruFlower product page; for example: Lemon OG, Lemon Tree, and CBD flower were formerly $55/eighth. They are now $35 an eighth. Jack Herer and Truberry OG dropped from $55 to $45. Gorilla Grapes, 9lb Hammer, and Poison Fruit all remain at $55/eighth.

I reached out to Trulieve via Facebook to confirm that these prices are here to stay, and are not just a discount to get rid of the current stock of vape cups; Trulieve confirmed that this new pricing system will remain going forward. This should offer some long-awaited financial relief for patients who need to experiment with many different strains to find the best relief for their conditions.

Closing Thoughts

Though my personal prediction in weeks past was for the first smokable cannabis flower in Florida to be available sometime this summer, I was fortunately incorrect. Trulieve has again shown their commitment to patients by pushing the boundaries and getting this momentous task done as quickly as possible – only three days after Governor Desantis signed SB 182! We should see more and more patients gaining access to smokable flower in the coming weeks; we will also see the other MMTCs follow suit as their smokable cannabis flower products are approve by the Florida Department of Health.

The future of Florida’s cannabis industry that we have been so excited about for the past several months – it’s here, and it’s only accelerating. If you’re one of the patients who is lucky enough to access the first batches of smokable flower, be sure to share your experiences (and any relevant pictures of the buds) with us! We look forward to the next several weeks and months; it’s only going to get better.

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