GrowHealthy “Mind” Distillate Review: Strawberry Haze (Sativa)

Strawberry Haze is one of several sativa strains available in GrowHealthy’s distillate. The flower form of this strain is known for its sweet strawberry smell/taste and its strong cerebral effects. I picked up a half gram syringe of this strain along with Sour Tangie and Bubba Kush in my last delivery order. This is definitely a stimulating strain, in classic sativa fashion, and it seems to be a more potent/pure sativa than the other “Mind” distillates I’ve picked up from GrowHealthy.

Quick Facts:

Strawberry Haze Distillate (Sativa)

Parent Strains: Northern Lights # 5 x Haze x Kali Mist x Swiss Sativa

THC: 82.78%

CBD: 0.003%

Total Cannabinoids: 82.783%

Batch Number: ID44 SBHZ

Other Ingredients: Cannabis Terpenes

As with my other reviews, I rate this product on three main criteria. Those three scores will be averaged for a final “overall score” and basic description of the product quality.


Of all the distillates I’ve tried from GrowHealthy, I found Strawberry Haze to be the most lacking in taste. Sour Tangie and Birds of Paradise both had strong and notable pleasant tastes: tropical fruit with the Birds of Paradise, and tangerine/diesel with the Sour Tangie. Unfortunately, Strawberry Haze tastes nothing like the Leafly page describes it. There is a bit of an earthy/fresh taste (very subtle), and not much else. With the cannabis terpenes, there is a taste that is reminiscent of cannabis, which would be the major positive I could attribute to this strain. Based on taste alone, I probably wouldn’t order Strawberry Haze again.

Taste Rating: 3.40/5.00

Vapor/Product Quality

Strawberry Haze distillate comes in the same syringe that all other distillates I’ve tried, with an easily removable rubber cap on the bottom, allowing for easy filling of a VFire pod or your empty cartridge of choice.

The distillate itself is about as thick, perhaps a bit thicker, than Truclear. It vaporizes well, leaving the flavor pretty well intact all the way through to the exhale. It seems like everything about this product is at least fairly good quality. 

Vapor/Product Quality Rating: 4.00/5.00


Strawberry Haze is the most stimulating “Mind” (sativa) I’ve gotten from GrowHealthy. It definitely fosters a creative and motivated energy; my mind feels like it has laser focus as I type each sentence of this review. My depression is greatly suppressed, and since I have a great deal of experience with THC, my anxiety is not running away either. I could see this strain causing some sativa-induced anxiety in novice users, so be cautious with this strain if you have a low tolerance.

There really aren’t many body effects to speak of with Strawberry Haze. Where Birds of Paradise and Sour Tangie seemed like 80/20% sativa-dominant hybrids, Strawberry Haze feels more like 90-100% sativa. For patients who prefer energetic and completely cerebral strains, this is a good choice. Based on the effects, I may order Strawberry Haze in the future.

Effects Rating: 4.00/5.00

Overall Rating: 3.80/5.00

GrowHealthy definitely has the best distillates, at least of all the different ones that I’ve tried. Though Strawberry Haze is not at all a strain I would call “tasty” in this distillate form, the effects make up for it enough that I am considering picking it up again in the future. I do prefer both Birds of Paradise and Sour Tangie to Strawberry Haze, as far as GrowHealthy’s sativa strains are concerned. I would best describe this as an “overall good product” useful for treating depression, ADD, and other similar mental symptoms.

To be clear: If taste is a major deciding factor for your enjoyment of cannabis products, skip this one. If you’re looking for relief over everything else, and you prefer sativa strains to get that relief, then Strawberry Haze distillate from GrowHealthy is an excellent choice.

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Truly hope it helps you – we are here for you!


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