Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 02.14.2019 Update – TruCRMBL and Smokable Cannabis in Florida

Hey there, and Happy Valentine’s Day (or singles awareness day!) to all of our readers. We have a few items of really good news for you on this update. When we first started doing these updates in early January 2019, it was almost difficult to get enough material for a weekly update. Just 6 weeks later, there’s enough going on in the Florida cannabis industry that we’re having to update more than once a week! This is definitely a good thing. Let’s go ahead and cut to the chase, as we have a couple of exciting news items on this edition of the Florida Medical Cannabis Collective Update.

Trulieve will release TruCRMBL (crumble) tomorrow, 02.15.2019

Many patients reading this post may not yet be familiar with what exactly “crumble” is. In short, it’s another form of cannabis concentrate. It’s defined on Weedmaps as:

An Extract identified by its malleable texture that falls apart, or “crumbles,” when handled. Crumble, sometimes called “honeycomb wax,” is quite versatile, and not limited to dabbing. Some sprinkle the extract over the top of cannabis buds in a bowl, blunt, or joint. The Crumble texture results from elevated temperatures used during the solvent removal process, or by whipping the extract under the presence of heat.”

If you’re familiar with shatter, this is basically another “consistency” of cannabis concentrate that will yield similar effects, though some patients have stated that crumble effects feel closer to flower than shatter effects do.

TruCRMBL will drop at $60/gram, the same price as TruClear (distillate) and TruShatter (shatter). We pressed Trulieve to leak a few strains for this post, but they are holding out to release the strains tomorrow morning. Our guess is that we will have Sour Diesel and/or Jack Herer or Super Silver Haze in Sativa, Gorilla Grapes and/or Lemon Tree in Hybrid, and 9lb Hammer and/or Zkittlez in Indica.

This is a very positive and significant development, especially for patients in areas that are not able to access MUV – the only other dispensary to carry cannabis crumble so far. This means that tens of thousands of patients will be able to access this form of medication, and it could be the “home run” they’ve been searching for.

I will be picking up a gram of Sativa Crumble tomorrow for review on this site, so be sure to stay tuned for that post coming within the week!

Also, Trulieve dropped two new indica flower strains earlier this week: Northern Hash Plant and Puck Yeah. Reviews of those strains are also coming within the week, as well as several new GrowHealthy reviews. It’s going to be a busy week on this site, so be sure you’re following us to stay up to date!

Progress is being made in advancing the legalization of smokable cannabis in Florida

On our last update, we reported on how the legislature was playing games with our quality of life again – setting ridiculous regulations requiring a second doctor to sign off on a smoking recommendation among other hurdles and added costs for patients.

Thankfully, this was addressed and removed in the updated bill from the Senate, which you can find here. The Senate version of the bill basically opens the flower industry as was intended in 2016: all forms of flower and flower smoking devices will be available for legal purchase. The House version of the bill, unfortunately, requires all smokeable cannabis to come in the form of pre-rolled joints. We expect to see the Senate and House compromise on a final bill in the coming weeks – hopefully it will be closer or identical to the proposed Senate version of the bill.

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried also issued a statement calling for an end to the hurdles and delays for passing a bill to legalize smokable marijuana in Florida. This is all promising news, but we are cautiously and anxiously watching as the legislature works to finalize their version of the law to go into effect.

Florida Medical Cannabis Collective News and Closing Thoughts

We’re now on Instagram! Be sure to follow us for all our newest images of the beautiful flower that is being released, and other cannabis related images. Our username is flmccollective, and you can find a link to our page here.

As stated earlier, we have around a half dozen new product reviews on the way over the course of the next week, so be sure to follow us here and on Twitter if you haven’t already – our Twitter handle is also @flmccollective there as well, and you can find a link to our page here.

With nearly 2 months of 2019 down, progress has remained steady and seems to be picking up momentum as we near the end of Q1 2019. We all anxiously await the final results of what will become the new law for smokable cannabis in Florida; this will be the single most impacting factor in the future of the industry this year.

Be sure to join our email subscriber list and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date with all the latest in the Florida medical cannabis industry! You can find a quick-subscribe button in the righthand column on this site. Thank you for taking the time to read; we genuinely hope you find this site beneficial to helping you as a patient.

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