Florida Medical Cannabis Collective: 02.01.2019 Update

Hey there everyone! Want to open up this weekly update by thanking all of you (followers & viewers) for the overwhelming positive support you’ve provided during our first 2 months of operation. We have received many kind compliments and inquiries, and take pride in being able to be your chosen source for Florida Medical cannabis news, product reviews, and discussion. As we enter into the second month of 2019, January definitely seems to have progressed as we expected it to. Trulieve and Curaleaf both have much wider flower availability now vs. last summer, MUV introduced flower today, Governor Ron Desantis seems to support our right to smoke medical marijuana, and more dispensaries and products are becoming available. Hopefully, February 2019 will pick up on this momentum and accelerate as we near a more affordable and accessible market.

Altmed/MUV officially released flower today

We’ve been reporting on this since the end of 2018, and it finally came to fruition today. Prices are $55/3.5g (eighth) across the board at the moment, making MUV’s flower the most expensive in the state.

The following strains were reported to be available at the Apollo Beach location:

(Credit to Reddit user Anna_McAnna for the following information.)

Sativa: Sour Jack, Pootie Tang

Hybrid: Gorilla Glue # 4, Forum Cut Cookies

Indica: Lemon Bubba, Banana Hammock, Sirius

Reported THC levels ranged from 16% all the way up to 28%.

It will be interesting to see how the current flower market reacts to a third player, especially if MUV expands into the Panhandle either through delivery or storefront openings (please come up here!).

Keep an eye on your local dispensaries for sales/specials this month

Trulieve opened the month with a 10% off sale for all flower today – you can still catch this special if you place an online order! Liberty Health Sciences also announced they would offer some of their PAX pods and other products at 20% off, so it seems reason to believe that other MMTCs will follow suit as we near Valentine’s Day. Trulieve has advertised February as “Trulove” month, so it seems they have a few more specials up their sleeve – possibly some new products as well? Whatever the case may be, most of us are nearly recovered from the 2018 holiday season, so I expect to see some grabs for sales in the coming weeks – keep an eye out for a sale that may benefit you!

Watch out for social media trolls

The photo below may or may not be legitimate, but it was stolen from the original post and used by a troll account for malicious purposes.

An unfortunate consequence of the booming Florida cannabis market: with new successful operations, businesses, and innovators, there are bound to be those who wish to sabotage a good thing. This made itself known across various social media in the past few weeks, particularly Reddit and Instagram. We won’t name any specific names here (we did that on Reddit; you can take a look at how we defend patients by calling out bad information on a post here), but the takeaway from this should be to do your research, and take what random online users say with a grain of salt. If it sounds too bad (or too good) to be true, and there is no visible or factual evidence to be accounted for, then it probably doesn’t deserve your time or energy.

We’re always staying on top of what’s happening in Florida’s cannabis industry, so feel free to reach out to us here, on Twitter, or by email (FLMedCanCollective@Gmail.com) – we will always be happy to answer your questions or even do investigative research into whatever questions you may have. We stand by our word that we’re dedicated to providing you with a platform (with increasing followers every day) to speak for patient advocacy. Beware of those who wish to do the exact opposite – unfortunately, they do exist. We are seeing increasing numbers of “smear campaigns” dedicated to inciting fear, doubt, and loss of confidence in our medical cannabis industry. While we do acknowledge that there are bound to be hiccups along the way, we also acknowledge that there is propaganda out there with malicious intent towards us as patients and the industry as a whole. We have to stick together as patients; though we are extremely diverse and come from many beliefs and backgrounds, we all can agree that cannabis is our medicine, and we will band together to fight for our right to use it as we choose, and to be sure that all available information is accurate and constructive.

New Developments for Florida Medical Cannabis Collective

Though it may seem like we’ve been around for much longer (it certainly does to us), this project is only 2 months old today. We are still in our very early phases, and are always looking for ways to improve, innovate, and expand. One major development in the coming weeks will be the launch of the Florida Medical Cannabis Collective Instagram account. As flower sales expand this year, and eventually full flower (not in ceramic cups) is available, the images in our reviews and generally throughout the site will greatly increase in number. To keep all these future images of beautiful flower buds and other cannabis products in one place, and to reach as many patients as possible, it makes sense to expand our operation to this platform. Stay tuned to this site and our other social media (be sure to follow us!) for the latest updates in that regard.

I’m also excited to announce that we will be releasing reviews of GrowHealthy distillates starting next week – we were finally able to line up our schedule and get a delivery to the Panhandle, so be looking for more variety on our Product Reviews page in the coming weeks! GrowHealthy distillates come in 3 product lines: Mind (Sativa), Body (Indica), and Balance (1:1 CBD:THC). I have one syringe of each type coming this weekend, so those reviews will drop next week! Definitely looking forward to trying these GrowHealthy distillates, as they have received rave reviews on the Florida Trees and Florida Medical Trees subreddits.

If you have any suggestions for the collective – new products to review, new ideas for topics you’d like to see discussed, or just any new ideas in general – shoot them our way! We love hearing from you guys; after all, a major part of the reason we do this is to benefit as many people in the industry (patients, employees, investors, etc.) as possible.

Closing Thoughts

January 2019 was good to us. Though I believe it’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg of what we’re going to see this year, I do think some positive progress was made, and I believe that we have good momentum to pound through until March: when either the legislature gets it together and passes a sensible medical cannabis law, or Ron Desantis uses executive authority to drop the lawsuit from his end entirely. Either way, full flower sales are inevitable; it is now only a question of exactly when they start. Hang on tight – we’re in for a fun ride this year, and lower prices will eventually set in as the market becomes larger and increasingly competitive.

Be sure to join our email subscriber list and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all the latest in the Florida medical cannabis industry! You can find a quick-subscribe button in the righthand column on this site. Thank you for taking the time to read; we genuinely hope you find this site beneficial to helping you as a patient.

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