Trulieve Truclear Distillate Review: 9lb Hammer (Indica)

Trulieve’s 9lb Hammer Truclear was one of the first Indica products I tried in the Florida medical cannabis program. Until that point I had primarily relied on sativa strains and a few hybrids here and there; depression is the main condition I use cannabis to treat, so sativas tend to work the best for me in that regard. Having my first experience with actual medical indica strains really opened up a whole new world of medicinal cannabis benefits for me; I am one of the patients who does notice a marked difference in sativa, hybrid, and indica strains. The 9lb Hammer Truclear distillate is a good strain for “heavier” relaxation, and in high doses, an excellent sleep aid.

Quick Facts:

9lb Hammer Distillate (Indica) – (extracted from 9lb Hammer (Indica)) – This may currently be one of the only Trulieve distillates that is named for the actual strain it was extracted from. Hooray!

THC: 80.1%

CBD: 0.4%

THCV: 0.0%

CBN: 0.4%

CBG: 3.0%

Total Cannabinoids: 83.9%

Batch Number: FFOBBULK0O000029

Other Ingredients: Terpenes

As with my other reviews, I rate this product on three main criteria. Those three scores will be averaged for a final “overall score” and basic description of the product quality.


Although I wouldn’t know it until long after my first trying Trulieve’s 9lb Hammer distillate, this stuff gets really close to the taste of vaping actual 9lb Hammer flower. There is definitely that earthy, slightly grape-like taste that is a defining characteristic of the flower; Trulieve did a great job (with food-grade terpenes at that) with accurately emulating the taste of this distillate. As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, there is a notable bitter taste and sensation when consuming any strain of Truclear distillate orally; this can be alleviated by eating your distillate of choice with something slightly sweet or otherwise pleasant in flavor. The distillate may have a slightly sweeter taste when consumed via inhalation in comparison to vaping raw 9lb Hammer flower, but again, it seems to be remarkably close. I like the taste of both the flower and the distillate – very cannabis-esque and enjoyable.

Taste Rating: 3.80/5.00

Vapor Quality

9lb Hammer distillate produces a smooth vapor when used with VFire pods and a Trustik/ALD Amaze VFire battery. The hits can be as small or as big as the user chooses; the taste of the distillate carries over to the vapor fairly efficiently as well, leaving the patient with an enjoyable vaping experience. This strain does not make me cough as much as sativa distillates do, though I suspect the reason for this is the difference in food-grade terpenes between the products. Overall, I think the vapor quality is solid when vaping 9lb Hammer Truclear.

Vapor Quality Rating: 4.00/5.00


9lb Hammer distillate quickly brings on warm body sensations and, perhaps surprisingly, a strong cerebral high as well. I tend to feel the effects nearly instantaneously when vaping, and they come on strong. The main difference with the effects of the distillate vs. the flower is that the body effects are not quite as strong or noticeable in the distillate. My suspicion of the reason for this is that natural flower has so many hundreds of different cannabinoids and terpenes, some of which we may not even be aware of yet. It’s difficult to accurately emulate something created by nature, and though the effects from the distillate are enjoyable, they just aren’t quite the same as the flower. In low doses, 9lb Hammer distillate really doesn’t feel too different from a sativa distillate like Clementine other than having more noticeable effects on the body, but even those effects are only moderately more noticeable in this distillate. Low doses will relieve minor to moderate aches and pains in the body and help my anxiety; high doses will help me ease into sleep much easier and stay in a deeper sleep longer if I’m having issues with insomnia. If you’re a fan of concentrates, I definitely recommend trying this or any other indica product for evening and nighttime use. It’s great for unwinding after a long day and helping the thought train to slow down to a comfortable speed. Patients looking to relieve pain, insomnia, GI issues, anxiety, lack of appetite, and other similar conditions may find relief from using 9lb Hammer distillate. The effects are warm, relaxing, and enjoyable, and perhaps not best suited for the patient planning to be productive.

Effects Rating: 4.10/5.00

Overall Rating: 3.97/5.00

The Trulieve 9lb Hammer Distillate would best be described as a “good” product; I would definite recommend patients trying this or other strains for late afternoon, evening, and nighttime medication. I find this strain particularly good for soothing my anxiety and relieving minor aches and pains related to exercise. Though I prefer the 9lb Hammer flower to the Truclear distillate form, I still see medical value in both, and find the distillate convenient for on-the-go medicating when used via inhalation.

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Truly hope it helps you – we are here for you!


3 thoughts on “Trulieve Truclear Distillate Review: 9lb Hammer (Indica)

  1. It’s okay… a bit on the weak side for an indica… Effects seem to only last for about 15 minutes. This is the same whether it’s the flower or distillate… looking forward to their other indica strains hoping for better.


  2. It’s the only Indica strain they ever have, with the exception of a 250mg Granddaddy purple. It’s getting ridiculous.


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