Trulieve Truclear Distillate Review: God’s Gift (1:1 CBD:THC)

1:1 CBD:THC products are some of the most versatile forms of medication that the Florida program has to offer; the higher presence of CBD in these formulations results in a less psychoactive experience, traded for potentially more wide-ranging medicinal benefits and definitely less potential for anxiety than the other distillates. I found that the God’s Gift 1:1 Truclear was a great medicine for any time of the day and for almost any ailment. With levels near 40% of both CBD and THC, God’s Gift can relieve your anxiety while simultaneously stimulating appetite and suppressing nausea. The versatility of 1:1 products definitely make them something we recommend trying for any new patient, regardless of what condition(s) they may have been diagnosed with.

Quick Facts:

God’s Gift Distillate (1:1 CBD:THC) – (extracted from Harlequin GDP (Hybrid))

THC: 41.8%

CBD: 38.6%

THCV: 0.5%

CBN: 0.4%

CBG: 1.2%

Total Cannabinoids: 82.5%

Batch Number: FFOBBULNHH000007

Other Ingredients: Terpenes

As with my other reviews, I rate this product on three main criteria. Those three scores will be averaged for a final “overall score” and basic description of the product quality.


Unlike most all other products, I actually consumed this product orally for the most part. All Truclear distillates have a notable bitterness to them when consumed orally, and God’s Gift was no different. There is definitely a grape taste in this distillate, and a hint of something similar to licorice as well. When I vaped this distillate with my PuffCo pen, the bitterness was replaced with a very subtle sweetness behind the grape and licorice tastes. God’s Gift actually tastes pretty similar to the Grandaddy Purple Truclear; this makes sense considering that GDP is one of the genetic parents of the strain. The taste is “okay”, but I much prefer products with cannabis-derived terpenes. The effects tend to be better, too.

Taste Rating: 3.40/5.00

Vapor Quality

God’s Gift distillate produces a smooth vapor when used with VFire pods and a Trustik/ALD Amaze VFire battery. It worked fairly well with my PuffCo pen, but the vapor was not very thick and consequently did not seem to get me as medicated as other methods of consumption. With the VFire, the vapor is on par with other distillates I’ve used it to vape; it produces as much vapor as you want/are able to draw.

Vapor Quality Rating: 4.00/5.00


God’s Gift Truclear is one of the most versatile products that I’ve yet to try in Florida’s medical cannabis program. For me, I used it to treat anything from nausea to muscle spasms to anxiety and depression; I seriously recommend every patient trying out at least one 1:1 CBD:THC product if not the God’s Gift distillate. As we continue to learn about the hundreds of cannabinoids and how they work individually and together, we find that some of the most medically useful products involve this “entourage effect” of multiple cannabinoids being used at the same time. The higher concentration of CBD in God’s Gift gives it added versatility and seems to help it have more “soothing” medical properties. Patients needed the strong effects of THC for conditions like depression, insomnia, and other similar illnesses may find that THC-dominant products like the Clementine distillate or Jack Herer distillate vape cartridge work better for managing their symptoms. God’s Gift may be a good choice for patients who are prone to anxiety and/or panic attacks from using high concentrations of THC as the CBD works to reduce the amount of psychoactive effects the THC is able to induce.

When I used God’s Gift (both orally and through inhalation), the effects were very mellow and relaxing. There was a prominent sensation of relaxation throughout the body, almost a warmth, and thoughts seemed to ease into a slow and steady pace so as not to overwhelm my mind as some strong sativa concentrates have done before. Any nausea or abdominal discomfort I had gradually faded away as a stronger appetite faded in. While this strain was not the best I’ve used to treat my depression, it was definitely one of the better products for treating anxiety and racing thoughts. Again, the benefits of God’s Gift are far-reaching and well-rounded.

TLDR: Every patient needs to give a 1:1 product a try at some point, whether it be this product or another one.

Effects Rating: 4.60/5.00

Overall Rating: 4.00/5.00

The Trulieve God’s Gift Distillate would best be described as a “medically versatile and useful” product; the higher amounts of CBD in combination with high concentrations of THC (both near 40%) really opens up a broad spectrum of medicinal benefits.. The one major way I think it could be improved would be to use cannabis-derived terpenes. Trulieve – if you’re reading this, I really believe you’d see a good return on switching Truclear over to a cannabis-derived Terpene product. If at all possible, labeling the strain as the strain it’s actually extracted from (We’d love Harlequin GDP Truclear!) would result in an even better image and trustworthiness.

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As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review. Truly hope it helps you – we are here for you!


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