Trulieve Flower Review: White Buffalo (Sativa) – from Guest Contributor Josh Kerrigan

Many of you may already be familiar with Reddit and Youtube contributor Josh Kerrigan. We’ve always appreciated his reviews and his time spent assisting Florida medical cannabis patients with their various questions and concerns on the Florida Trees and Florida Medical Trees subreddits.

We are featuring Josh’s review of Trulieve’s White Buffalo flower for many reasons: Josh did a fantastic job formatting this review and putting it together in a visually pleasing way, the flower itself is beautiful, and White Buffalo is one of the most rare strains that Trulieve offered during 2018; we only saw it available once or twice on their website, and unfortunately have not been able to try it out for ourselves yet. This is also the first sativa strain we’ve seen that is significantly purple in color.

Note: Though Josh is wearing a Trulieve shirt in this video, he would like to make it clear that he is not a Trulieve employee!  Apparently many of his YouTube videos have mistakenly made this association.

Let Josh’s video speak for itself! We enjoy his content and think that you will, too. As always – we hope this helps, and appreciate your time taken to read our content! 

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