Product Review: Curaleaf Slim Vape Pen – Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Hybrid)

I’ve noticed a lack of Curaleaf product reviews, so I’ll be working to balance that out a little bit with a Curaleaf Product review series. This is the second installment and will focus on another product: the slim vaporizer pen.

The Curaleaf Slim Vapes are a great product line to supplement any medical marijuana regimen. These products are not designed to be heavy-hitters for any medical condition, but they can be useful to relieve general ailments with a sufficient dose. There’s 150 mg of THC in the entire pen, so it is not a heavily concentrated product. It will take more draws to get the same effect if the patient is used to medicating with concentrates or otherwise has any moderate to strong tolerance.

As is my standard, I will review this product on 3 criteria/ratings. The numbers from those ratings will be averaged for a final score and general statement regarding the overall quality of the product.

Quick Facts

Curaleaf Slim Vape – Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Hybrid)

THC: ~ 30% (Corrected: The original post stated 15% THC. Thanks to reddit user HighOnGoofballs for catching this!)

Total THC (per pen): 150mg


This was quite simply one of the best tasting products I have yet to try in the Florida medical marijuana program. The flavor is artificial (no natural or cannabis-derived terpenes), so the consumer sacrifices a little quality in exchange for a great taste. The taste holds true to the namesake; the vapor tastes much like I imagine a blue raspberry lemonade flavored drink would. It’s a good thing that the product is not heavily concentrated, or I would have found myself much more medicated than I needed to be. It should be noted that I much prefer the taste of actual cannabis flower to products that are artificially flavored like these, but I rate the taste for what it is, and this product achieves the taste it is going for.

Taste Rating: 4.40/5.00

Vapor/Product Quality

The Curaleaf slim vapes are extremely convenient. The batteries are built-in and disposable, so the only thing required to use this product is to place it to your lips and draw. The major downside to the slim pen design is that there is no way to know how much product is remaining other than paying attention to the vapor quality. When there is almost no product left remaining, the vapor will become more sparse, harsh, and have a slightly burnt taste. Other than that, all the Curaleaf slim vapes I have purchased have functioned exactly as intended. I even had a 3 month old slim vape with a tiny amount of product remaining that produced a hit when I drew from it. As previously mentioned, these products seem more designed as “supplemental” medication and not a product intended to focus on any type of ailment. They are portable and convenient.

Vapor/Product Quality Rating: 3.80/5.00

Effects/Medical Benefits

I would not recommend this product for patients looking to relieve the symptoms of any specific ailment. With a price tag of $18 for 150mg, I find these products best to be purchased alongside more strain-specific products, such as Curaleaf’s Jack Herer Distillate Vaporizer Cartridge. They are fun to use and taste good, but will take several hits to induce effects in any patients with a moderate or higher tolerance. The Blue Raspberry Lemonade pen specifically brought on typically hybrid effects of a warm body sensation, relaxation, brighter perception of colors, more vivid field of vision, etc. I enjoyed this product’s effects, but felt it would be more suited for a recreational environment or as supplemental medication. It seems that’s what Curaleaf may have been going for with the slim vape line of products; if so, they have succeeded in carrying out their vision.

Effects Rating: 3.00/5.00

Overall Rating: 3.73

I would recommend each patient try at least one Curaleaf slim vape pen for the taste if nothing else – all three I got (Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry Cotton Candy, and Tangie) had a very enjoyable taste, and each brought on relaxing effects. This product would best be described as “good”.

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