Two Trulieve TruFlower Reviews: Stardawg & Gorilla Grapes (Hybrids)

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have two different hybrids simultaneously in stock at my local Trulieve – Stardawg and Gorilla Grapes. I’ve always appreciated variety and subtle differences, so I was eager to try these two together and truly appreciate the unique medical effects each had to offer. I’ll review these two under several different categories in order to provide the best comparison of the two.

Some initial facts:

Stardawg (Hybrid)

525.0mg THC/3.5g

15.0 % THC

0.40 % CBG

Total Cannabinoids: 15.4%

Gorilla Grapes (Hybrid)

735.0 % THC/3.5g

21.0 % THC

0.10 % CBD

0.30 % CBG

Total Cannabinoids: 21.4%



The buds are crispy and medium-bright green in appearance, with bright orange pistils throughout. The pods contained mostly all buds, roughly 95%, with little to no shake. Unfortunately, Stardawg is some of the driest bud I’ve ever seen in my life. I appreciate a certain stickiness to flower; this did not have any stickiness, in fact, it was very brittle to the touch. Rating: 2.8

Gorilla Grapes

By contrast, these buds were, to me, the perfect consistensy and stickiness; the buds felt exactly like I would expect “dank” street bud to feel like. There was no shake in any of the pods. The buds are smaller, more compact, and a slightly darker green hue than the Stardawg buds I have. The buds have a fuzzy appearance with small white hairs accented with bits of orange. Rating: 4.0



Probably the most disappointing attribute of this strain for me. The bud smells only slightly, slightly better than the mids I bought when I was much younger. There are notes of skunk and a hint of citrus, but ultimately, I was not impressed with the smell. Rating: 2.0

Gorilla Grapes

Pungent and enjoyable. The smell immediately hit me the moment I opened the glass jar. The smell is reminiscent of diesel, skunk, with almost a “musk” to it, if that makes any sense. There are subtle notes of lemon/citrus and even more subtle hints of grape in the background. This is one of those strains that at first, one may not realize how enjoyable the smell it is due to the sheer power of it, but it seems to keep me coming back for more. Rating: 3.8


The most important part for me personally; I’m sure many others agree. The other categories can be looked over in the event that they are undesirable, so long as the medical attributes work as we need them to.


Fortunately, a strain that performed below-average in other areas makes up for it with its medical effects. The strain seems to lean towards a sativa, with a noticeable increase in the vibrancy of colors and depth of field in vision. This strain worked well for alleviating my anxiety and resulting depression, while also relaxing my body enough that the cerebral effects are not overwhelming. The effects of Stardawg have been some of my favorite for daytime use, and work well long after. My stomach felt at ease with this strain; sometimes sativa strains tend to induce nausea for me up until the peak onset of effects. This strain did not do that. Great medicine. Rating: 4.2

Gorilla Grapes

A much more seemingly indica-leaning sedating strain, Gorilla Grapes works better for me when I do not need to be productive. There is a much more noticeable body high that will lock you to whatever you are sitting or lying on at higher doses. This strain gave me the most powerful munchies I have felt in some time. I have a fast metabolism and normally a moderate appetite; I could not stop eating while under the effects of these strain. I consumed somewhere between 1500-2000 calories in the course of 2-3 hours and subsequently found myself in a “cannabis coma” not long after. This strain obliterated anxiety and insomnia and worked wonderfully as an appetite stimulant. I highly recommend it for any ailments in those areas. Rating: 4.2


Stardawg: 2.67 ( I would best describe it as “average” in overall quality)

Gorilla Grapes: 4.0 (I would best describe it as “very good” in overall quality.)


As always, I appreciate your time taken to read this. I hope it was of benefit to at least one medical cannabis patient.


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