Trulieve Flower Review: Sour Diesel (Sativa)

Sour Diesel – a classic sativa strain, and for good reason. Producing large yields for the grower, and wonderful effects for the consumer, this strain has been well-known amongst both the black market and medical marijuana patients for many years.

Likewise, Sour Diesel has made itself a staple in my medicinal marijuana regimen, and I have been lucky enough to find it in stock at least twice a month at my local Trulieve. I’ll review it on my usual criteria of 1.) appearance/feel, 2.) smell/taste, and 3.) effects/medical use. The scores from these three criteria are averaged for a final overall score.

Quick Facts:

Sour Diesel (Sativa)

602.0mg THC/3.5g

3.5 mg CBD/3.5g

17.2% THC

0.10% CBD

0.40% CBG

17.7% Total Cannabinoids


The buds I’ve gotten each time have been mid to dark green with a “fluffy” consistency; the nugs are not compact once released from their container. The buds are fuzzy with beautiful orange pistils. Moisture content has been consistent and nice; the nugs are sticky but break down well. The buds aren’t necessarily “wow!” quality in appearance, but they do have a nice aesthetic quality.

Rating: 3.80


Both batches of Sour Diesel that I purchased have been consistent in the smell and taste, even though the THC varied by more than 4%. There is definitely a notable aroma of gasoline/skunk with almost an equal smell of citrus. Smelling this strain brings back memories of classic black market strains I purchased before joining the registry; in short, it smells really nice. The citrus notes seem to dominate the taste rather than the diesel. I really enjoy this strain each time I get it.

Rating: 4.00

Effects/Medical Use

Sour Diesel is a powerful sativa that I find best suited for morning and early afternoon use. There is a bit of a racy quality that may induce anxiety in users that aren’t prepared or experienced with sativas. When prepared, however, the strain is a wonderful way to overcome depressive thoughts and lack of motivation. If you need to clean or get work done, this strain is an excellent choice and produces effects similar to a small dose of caffeine. I do not find this strain necessarily great for creativity, but it does provide drive and motivation that can be transformed into creativity if that is the desired effect; it just takes a little more work than other strains that are good for that use. As far as negative side effects, I find that strong sativa effects such as those produced by Sour Diesel can mildly exacerbate preexisting nausea in patients with stomach issues, but Sour Diesel has never generated any type of abdominal discomfort for me on its own. All in all, I would recommend this strain for patients suffering from depression, lack of motivation, or general malaise. Patients looking for relief from pain, inflammation, abdominal discomfort, or anxiety would most likely find better relief from other strains. As always, your mileage may vary.

Rating: 4.10

Overall Rating: 3.97

I would best describe this strain as “very good”.

As always, I appreciate your taking time to read this review, and genuinely hope that it benefits at least one patient.


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