About Moot Court


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About Moot Court 2015 


This moot court competition is unlike any other in the country.  It is part of a civil rights movement (watch John Oliver video)  to address the remnants of the Spanish American War that left Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa in the untenable position of being United States citizens but not enjoying basic fundamental rights of citizenship, that is to vote for their commander in chief or to have a voting voice in the republican form of government.

The students, professors and anyone who can vote is the true target of education of this moot court exercise. This year is the biggest and most ambitious yet.  With regional competitions in New York City,  Chicago and Miami and a national final in Orlando our reach should expand exponentially, well past the 11 universities that have already participated.


Our moot court competition has real justices who hear oral arguments and grade the participants.  We have had very prominent justices including Supreme Court Justices from Florida and the  Appellate Division  of New York. For members of the bar we have continuing education courses that are accredited by the states of Florida and New York for attending the moot court seminar and other practice enhancing courses.


Join us at our receptions in Chicago on October 10th 2015 and in New York and Miami on Oct 17th, 2015 and in Orlando on Oct 31st. 2015 for our awards ceremony with members of the bar, bench political leadership and the public. We have music entertainment and artisans works or Art for your enjoyment.


Join this very special event the NATIONAL PUERTO RICAN BAR MOOT COURT COMPETITION and convention.